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Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


How Absence of Reality Creates Problems

Humans must acquire reality in their heads to adapt to their surroundings. The more complex the human activity, the more complex the reality must be in their minds.

The problem is, some persons do not acquire enough reality in their heads. The conflict between the reality in their heads and external reality results in warped reactions to the demands. For analogy, if a person has to fly a plane, and he has never flown a plane, what does he do? He probably crashes the plane.

There is a tendency for persons who have very little reality in their heads to want to do more than they are capable of doing. One of their coping methods is to simplify. The analogy would be that they want an airplane to be so simple that all you have to do is steer it.

What if the airplane is complex social activity? How can it be simplified? The way incompetents go about it is to strip the social structures of complexity. Deregulation has that purpose. The purpose is to reduce social demands to the degree of simplicity which they can manage.

Empty headed persons take this approach to everything in life. They want everything to be reduced to a degree of simplicity which they can handle. In fact, they assume everyone is like themselves, and all complexity is a corruption that has no constructive purpose. This includes the rationality and knowledge that is purpose of science and education.

Supposedly, more rational persons are lost in a sea of complexities which have no redeeming value. Therefore, eradicating those complexities is a noble, if thankless, social responsibility. The self-righteousness of authoritarians tearing down the social structures stems from this erroneous assumption.

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