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Accountable Rationality

Arguments go in circles over labels for social systems such as socialism vs. capitalism. That's why it's better to use basic descriptions rather than labels. There are a thousand versions for labels, and opponents will pick the one they want, but descriptive material clarifies the intended version of reality.

The only social system that works is accountable rationality. The U.S. Constitution produces a lot of accountable rationality, which is the only thing that makes it work. Corrupters of government in the U.S. try to defy accountable rationality by doing everything in the dark and using coercion and intimidation. It's a defiance of the standards described in the Constitution.

Accountable rationality solves problems regardless of the type of social system being used. Nonconstructive social systems such as dictatorships don't work, because they are designed to defy accountable rationality.

Accountable means other persons who are influenced by the process have some say. When all concerns are heard, the truth will prevail. Truth always prevails through the interactions of realities, because when realities interact, consistent relationships increase or are strengthened, and inconsistent relationships decrease or are weakened. Truth is all realities which have consistent relationships between them.

Corrupters make some attempt to defy the truth, but they don't succeed for long, because truth always increases. The more truth is defied, the more truth grows. Truth is the only force which corrupters cannot defeat. Accountability allows truth to increase, which will eventually defeat corruption unless overwhelming forces prevent rationality from occurring.

Rationality is the process of creating interactions of realities. Verbally, it is making relationships between realities allowing consistent relationships to prevail over inconsistent relationships. Nonverbal interactions of realities will also cause truth to increase but not as effectively as correct logic derived through verbal rationality.

Designed logic is the most effective form of rationality for replacing corruption with constructivity.


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