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Current amplifiers drive the speakers. to plans

  • Solves the output problem.
  • Easy to construct.
  • Design on paper without an oscilloscope.
  • Lower noise and distortion.
  • Highest possible efficiency.
  • Allows variable gain.
  • 10 watt, 32 watt, and 75 watt per channel prototyped.

Femto Capacitance Meter

Precision on smallest capacitors. to plans

  • Solves the speed problem.
  • Measures in the femtofarad range.
  • 1% error on 1 picofarad (usually 50% or more).
  • 6 decades of range.
  • 10 femtofarads to 4 microfarads.
  • High immunity to noise and drift.
  • Easy to construct.
  • Common op amp circuitry.
  • Breadboard it in minutes.

Background Sound Synthesizer

to plans
  • Tunable frequencies with rythm and resonance.
  • Low frequency with complexity for easy listening.
  • Temperature stabilized.

High Reliability Thermostat

to plans
  • Functions like a mechanical device.
  • Immune to outage problems.
  • Glitch free.
  • Adds controlled timing.

Light Switch Timer

to plans
  • Turns light off in two minutes.
  • Uses momentary or bump switches.

Capacitative Distance Transducer

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  • Measures 2-20 mm with plates of 20 mm diameter.
  • One femtofarad per millivolt.

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Light Switch Timer
Capacitative Distance Transducer

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