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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

The Attitude Problem

Since we could not be wrong, we must lie as a method of convincing others in the most effective way possible.

Just because we can't explain anything doesn't mean we don't know what we are doing.

Corrupt persons assume rationality is an attitude problem. Rational persons assume that refusing to learn is an attitude problem.

Persons who are wrong cannot be told, otherwise they wouldn't be wrong for long. The reason why they cannot be told is because they have an attitude problem.

But if the problem were just that, incompetent corrupters would agree one hundred percent. They assume rational persons can't be told, because they have an attitude problem. Rationality is an attitude problem to corrupters.

How can extreme opposites both be viewed the same way? There is a mind glitch involved. Everyone has a need to be right, and they make sure that they always are. But if they have no ability to be right, due to incompetence and corruption, they must insist to themselves and others that their result is the only true reference for existence no matter how absurd.

It's like selling art at a auction. If the auctioneers won't touch anything with a value less than ten thousand dollars, an arrogant person must insist that his crap is worth ten thousand dollars to get it into the auction. What it is really worth is irrelevant to an arrogant person.

There is one extreme difference between the two sides. The side that is really right can simply explain and show evidence of what the truth is. One side does this relentlessly, while the other side opposes the whole idea of explanation and evidence assuming it to be part of the arrogance.

If arrogance is explaining and proving, and subjective ad hominem attacks are the correct alternative, then the only purpose is to promote fraud and say that criticism of it is arrogance.

How this problem disappears in the dark

Incompetent persons have a tendency to jump to conclusions—often absurd conclusions. The saying that the first impression is the last applies to persons who jump to conclusions. It doesn't apply to rational persons. Rationality is learning to evaluate.

This problem is the only reason why global warming is a social issue. Rational scientists could see the absurdity of the claim. One molecule surrounded by 2,500 molecules is never going heat anything under any circumstances. The second law of thermodynamics says heat dissipates. Dissipating means that whatever the heated molecule does, it will rapidly be doing less of it. But corrupters claim it will keep doing more of it until it kills the polar bears.

What this means is, there is a segment of society that gets their assumptions wrong at the very beginning, and they never get the error corrected, because they have not learned the discipline of proper evaluation. They then find other like-minded persons who agree with them and railroad their error onto society.

If only they would come out of the dark and explain their assumption and show evidence, the conflict would end. They learned not to do that, because they always lose, and they assume that winning is the same thing as being right.

How the mind glitch works

Incompetent persons do not acquire objective reality as knowledge which creates a basis for evaluation. As a result, they pick up assumptions from like-minded persons. Once they pick something up in their heads, it must be permanent. Otherwise, they were wrong in their first assumption. If they were wrong one place, they would be wrong everywhere; so they must never be wrong.

By never admitting that they were wrong, not even once, they can pretend that what appears to be wrong in their realities is only the inability of lesser persons to understand what superior intelligence looks like. Outward appearances are only something low level persons concern themselves with.

Behind the outward appearance of being incompetent idiots, there is supposedly a higher wisdom which only those who posses such superior wisdom can understand. And therefore, if the outward appearance is attacked, it only shows how primitive opponents are, not how dumb the incompetents are.

But if the fakes were to admit that they were wrong even once, it would blow the whole premise away. It would mean there is no superior knowledge behind the appearance of stupidity. And since they can never be wrong, even once, their first impression must always be their last.

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