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Automobile Propaganda

The Physics Behind The Fraud


Scientists and engineers who know what they are doing are being overrun by fakes in journalism, organizations and government everywhere in society. One of the clearest examples is auto technology.

A recent example of the situation (October 6, 2017) is auto makers saying the EPA requirements for increased fuel efficiency cannot be met, while the Natural Resources Defense Council says they can (Reuters article here). Why would anyone who has never studied an iota of science, engineering or technology know anything about the subject? They are in effect saying, objective reality must be replaced by motives. Doing that requires fraud on science and technology.

Common sense on the subject is clear: Efficiency can't improve much and electricity is very inefficient. But since common sense is disappearing, a representation of common sense can be described in terms of science and engineering.

An example of the misrepresentation is fake government standards for the efficiency of electric motors. The government requires efficiency in the area of 96% for electric motors, and some talk exists of 98% efficiency. No functioning motors can get real efficiency above 40%; but efficiency can mean anything based upon definition and testing. There presumably is a test that shows 96% efficiency. The fraud is in claiming this number actually represents savings for society in energy and cost. Through whatever means the fakes are defining and testing for 96% efficiency, the consumers are not going to get more than 40% real efficiency for energy use and cost.

The fakes won't clarify for the public what they mean by 96% efficiency or how it is tested. So here is the physics which shows why the real efficiency never gets above 40% for functional, heavy working electric motors:

Electric motors transform electrical energy into kinetic energy. All transformations lose a lot of energy to heat, which is inefficiency—always far more than the 96-98% efficiency being described for electric motors.

To create kinetic energy from electrical energy, an inductive force acts upon electrons in copper wires which exert a force on the metal around them. Force acting upon electrons or atoms creates a lot of heat. Heat is the same thing as kinetic energy which has been randomized in direction at the atomic level. Actual kinetic energy is linear motion. To get high efficiency, the motion must be almost all linear and very little randomized.

The randomization of motion at the atomic level cannot be prevented in creating linear motion. The number one reason is because all atoms and molecules are constantly vibrating when the temperature is above absolute zero. To get linear motion, every contact would have to by right in the center of an atom or molecule pushing it in the desired direction. But since the molecules are vibrating in every direction, many of the hits will be off-center and push an atom or molecule in some other direction. All of that "other direction" creates heat. It randomizes the motion of the atoms or molecules.

bumping angles

For this reason alone, it is impossible to get more than about 40% of the energy directed linearly in the transformation of energy into kinetic energy. What it means is that the talk of high efficiency is nothing but propaganda to promote a cause. The primary cause being promoted by fakes is power mongering. Incompetents need fake reality to separate themselves from the objective reality which exposes their incompetence.

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