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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Bigotry Equals Three Percent Economic Growth


The Trump Administration is supposedly going to produce 3% economic growth as a means of generating the funds needed for massive tax give-aways for the rich. What is going to be the driving force for the economic growth? No direct explanation, just a lot of tangential values as magical solutions.

Bigotry is the assumption that power is virtue and the source of truth, while powerlessness is corruption and the source of falsehood. Therefore, promoting power is the answer to everything, in the view of bigots.

How do you get from promoting power to economic growth? No explanation. It's the values that produce the magic. Corrupters are certain that the only problem anyone has is a values problem, not a mechanism problem. Once the values are corrected, everything else will supposedly take care of itself.

The values of corrupters and bigots are shaped by their stupidity. It starts with their incompetence. They withdraw into a bubble cut off from reality due to their constant conflict with the world around them. Demands are placed upon them which they cannot meet. Complaints and criticism overwhelm them through the power of truth. So they concoct an alternative method of measuring their worth based upon their ability to impose themselves upon society by conspiring with other stupid corrupters to monger power.

Mongered power becomes a substitute for worth for incompetent corrupters. Aligning their lives upon the process of mongering power to create a false worth shapes their values. Since power mongering works for them, they assume that it should work for everyone, and the only problem anyone has is that they are not corrupt power mongers.

These values and assumptions slide around in an illogical manner. There is not a reality basis for the assumptions of such persons; they are too stupid to understand the reality basis of their corruption. Instead of reality, it is values which shape their lives.

It is this standard that causes corrupters to assume that all they have to do is re-align values to solve problems. Everything else supposedly takes care of itself when the values are aligned properly—proper meaning aligned upon power mongering and bigotry.

They are saying, if Obama had been a bigot, we would have had 3% more economic growth.

Flushing Filing Cabinets Down the Drain

One of the central concerns of conservatives, as Reagan introduced the subject, is that the problem in need of being solved is unrealistic demands by liberals. The demonstrated alternative is to round off the corners and slop through everything. Otherwise nothing gets done. It's simply pragmatism.

Of course, conservatives don't use these words, which are too negative. They try to use positive words for their concerns. Most basically, it is the reason why they keep talking about freedom. Freedom would be a nonsensical argument, since no one is questioning freedom. But conservatives feel hamstrung by the endless requirements which tie their heads in knots. Getting free from such demands is what they are always concerned about, which explains why they keep talking about freedom. They want freedom from imposing requirements, the most visible example being environmental pollution laws.

The problem is, the imposing requirements are the attempts to solve problems by preventing corrupters from disrupting and destroying complex activities. In fact, government would probably not be needed if everyone were perfect. Government evolved as an attempt to cope with the problems created by imperfections of humans.

This is why conservatives keep talking about getting rid of government and doing everything possible to dismantle government. It's primarily the government and its imposing laws and requirements that strangle incompetent conservatives and make it impossible for them to function. They need freedom from such requirements to do anything.

There is a superficial logic to such concerns. Everything humans do is a compromise which rounds off corners. There is no such thing as a perfect number in nature. One of something will always be a rounded off number. This means conservatives would be right if they were describing the philosophy of perfection. But they are totally wrong, because that is not the issue; the issue is whether they should be destroying government and its laws to make life easier for themselves. It's the degree of rounding off which is the problem.

Liberals can live with a lot more exactness than conservatives can; and they assume a lot more exactness is needed to solve problems. Conservatives assume a lot less exactness is needed. Who is right? The solution to all problems requires more exactness. Not only are conservatives trying to reduce the amount of exactness, they are so hostile to the exactness being imposed upon them that they want to dismantle government to get out from under it.


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