Science Errors

How Deterioration of Science
Left Wreckage and Ruin

By Gary Novak

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coverPhysics errors began in 1686 with an incorrect equation for defining kinetic energy. Without the error there is no significant energy in hydrogen fusion. Laser tests failed to find energy in fusion, and atom smashers keep getting larger trying to produce such energy without success.

There is no such thing as greenhouse gases, because there is no such thing as trapping heat in the atmosphere. Absorbed radiation is re-emitted in femto seconds.

A claimed measurement of gravity waves was totally contrived. One tenth of an atto meter in a 4 kilometer path was supposedly measured. Science cannot measure at that level. It's 10,000 times smaller than a proton. A temperature change of something like 18 trillionths of a degree centigrade would wipe out the measurement.

Copyright © 2014 by Gary Novak

Fourth Edition

September, 2016




Chapter 1:  Mathematical Proof Energy has been Misdefined in Physics

         The Results Show This:

         Discovering the Error

         The Rocket Equations

         Second Proof

         Joule's Constant

         Joule's Publication

         Potential Energy

         Contradictions in Living Force vs. Dead Force

         What the Mathematical Proof Means

         The Counter-Argument of Physicists

         Shifting Reference Frames

         Walking Through the Math


Chapter 2:  The Morel Mushroom—Extreme Evolution Scientists Got Wrong

         My Own Research

         Morel Physiology

         Phenotypic Variation


         The Nature of Ice Ages

         A Garden of Eden

         Detailed Explanation of Phenotypic Variation

         The Anomaly Explained

         The Details of Morel Evolution


Chapter 3:  The Fakery of Global Warming Science

         Six Points that Prove Global Warming cannot Occur

         Evolution of the Concept

         Dilution Requires Extreme Temperature

         Calculating Temperature is Impossible

         Radiative Transfer Equations

         The Fudge Factor

         What Really Happens

         Ocean Heat

         The Heat Capacity of Air

         A Mechanism is not Known

         Back Radiation Doesn't Happen

         Absurd Distances between Molecules

         Proof that Global Warming cannot Occur

         Temperature Measurements are Fake

         Secondary Effects are Unscientific

         The Hockey Stick Graph

         The Intimidation of Scientists

         The Kiehl-Trenberth Model

         The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant is in Error

         A Ridiculous 33°C

         Quantities Don't Add Up

         Ocean Acidification

         Weather Claims Ignore the Obvious

         Wrap Up

Special Page

      •   A Quick Summary through Images


Chapter 4:  Clueless on Electrons

         Quantum Mechanics is Fantasy

         Claimed Fossil Fuels are not Fossil Fuels

         ATP Synthesis


Chapter 5:  Corrections on Evolution

         Soil Formation

         How Modern Biology Began

         Evolution of Mammals

         Pseudomonas fluorescens and ATP

         Yeasts and Fat Production

         Cottonwood and Willow Trees

         The Puffball

         Boletus edulis


Chapter 6:  Other Major Errors in Physics


         Hydrogen Fusion

         The Velocity of Light

         Fabric of space-time

         Dark Matter

         Gravity Waves

         The Misuse of Constants


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