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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Citizen's Committee on Nuclear Energy

The only answer to the energy problem is responsible nuclear energy. The primary argument of opponents is that responsible is not possible with nuclear energy. If not, they can kiss their ass goodbye, because there is no energy solution at corrupt standards. Fracking is not a long-term energy solution because of the extreme amount of polluting materials that are needed and the small volume of each expensive well.

Renewables are not realistic energy sources, as they require more energy for production than they yield. Germany is leaving its windmills in the oceans unused, while it is constructing 12 coal plants. With 25% renewables, they cannot meet their energy needs without coal.

Governments clearly cannot produce responsible nuclear energy at this time. This isn't because of something about nuclear energy, it's because of something about power structures including governments. Power structures suck in incompetents who shove out rational persons.

The solution is to get control of the process apart from government. This requires a citizen's committee. For controlling nuclear energy, there should be a committee of twenty four persons who have no connections to sources of corruption including related industries, organizations or bureaucracies. Each member should be elected for any number of four year terms. A member could be elected by a district consisting of several congressional districts, no residency required.

A similar committee should be created for setting scientific standards and issuing scientific research grants.

The committee for controlling nuclear energy should be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, or similar moderate size city, away from the corruptive influences of larger cities such as Chicago. The committee for scientific standards and grants should be located in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, where there are no strongly developed power structures including the corruptive influences of major universities.

These committees will not work as advisers to the power mongers in government. They will only work as replacements for the power mongers in government.

A Safe and Cheap Nuclear Reactor


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