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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Climbing the Social Ladder is the Test

Life is defined, created and sustained as objective reality. Corrupters are exposed as corrupters at that standard. So they try to reconstruct the terms of existence around subjectivity, which means themselves. Existence is them doing it—good, bad or indifferent.

Why do corrupters consider their method to be an improvement? There is a test which tells them so. It is a person's position on the social ladder. A person gets to a position on the social ladder by convincing others of his worth. The success in doing so is supposed to represent one's worth.

There is no place for a social ladder in objective reality. In fact, subjectivity is supposed to be removed from impersonal social interactions. People have a right to expect objective reality as the defining property of life, and subjective concerns are supposed to fit within that framework. Take away the framework, and nothing defines what life should be.

Omitting the framework of objective reality defining life, corrupters can never truly succeed at anything. They must impose themselves upon the life created by others. Imposing is a forceful thing. People have to be overwhelmed to allow corrupters to impose themselves upon them. So corrupters use power to overwhelm others and impose themselves upon them.

If it were just that, people would counter the problem with truth, and truth always prevails, when it can be adequately produced. But corrupters have a solution to that problem. It is worship of the corrupters. Worship ends all opposition.

So corrupters are constantly cleaning up the field getting rid of all opponents who will not worship them. Unwillingness to worship corrupters is the test of who the enemies are. All corrupters must be worshipped, while the most successful ones rise to the top of the worship pile.

The status in the worship pile is determined by position on the social ladder. The position on the social ladder is determined through trial-and-error. Whoever wins in the battles of life rise to the top. Winning is the test of worth. No knowledge or philosophy is applied to the subject; it's just climbing over the top of each other to determine worth.


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