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Everything in this book is new material for one simple reason: I don't go into subjects which others have already covered. There is so much new material that needs to be explained that familiar material must be omitted.

Perhaps the most important example is the misdefinition of energy. This subject does not appear to have been mentioned outside my material. I stumbled onto the error in 1983 and spent several years developing the proof.

Another important example is phenotypic variation as an adaptation mechanism. Scientist encounter this mechanism constantly, as it shows up visibly in all species. But it has never been studied directly in its visible manifestations, and scientists are confused by it. It is highly visible in morel mushrooms. I show numerous photographs of the results in their extreme manifestations with morels and wildflowers.

Numerous related errors are explained for the first time in this book including the reasons why there is no significant energy in hydrogen fusion including hydrogen bombs, how biophysicists went off the tracks with ATP synthesis, the chemistry which shows why petroleum is not a fossil fuel, the evolution of modern respiration in a bacterium 600-700 million years ago, the evolution of fat as an energy storage molecule, several proofs of global warming fraud which have not been developed elsewhere and explanations of the fraudulent basis for claiming to measure gravity waves.

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