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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Corruption as an Alternative State of Existence

Corruption changes every element of human life. There aren't two alternatives for human life. Laws of physics shape everything humans do. Trying to change the result creates an alternative state of existence.

Solving human problems in a manner consistent with laws of physics creates a universality to life. This means everything is the same for everyone. Corruption breaks down the universality of life, often deliberately so in attacks upon enemies including the lower classes who are attacked by power mongers.

Power mongers do not want everyone to be equal. They want a set of conditions which work for themselves only. White supremacy is an offshoot of this motive. The assumption of such bigots is that life should only benefit themselves and their friends.

This motive is only one element of corruption. Corruption tears at every element of existence in a similar manner. Trying to destroy life for enemies destroys life for all.

The result is that corrupters put themselves in the position of attempting to reconstruct existence in defiance of laws of physics. They want a state of existence which works for themselves but not for their enemies. In the past, corrupters were extremely limited in the options available to them. There weren't two ways to chip flint. (Actually, there were, but anthropologists don't know it.) Therefore, domination and degradation (slavery) were the only means of creating a different state for enemies than for friends.

Times are a lot more complex now days. The options now include a lot of complex technology. And therefore, corrupters now assume they can create alternative technology which they benefit from and their enemies do not.

Rationality does not lead to that conclusion, but irrationality is what defines corrupters. They assume that they have the option of doing things in ways which rational persons say it can't be done. The major social fantasies would not exist otherwise, which include global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and travel to other planets.

The laws of physics say the social fantasies are a waste of resources. Corrupters assume the disagreement means they can create an alternative state of existence.

One of the elements of irrationality is an inability to distinguish between alternative values and alternative laws of physics (objective realities). Since corrupters have the option of choosing which values to live by, they assume they have the option of choosing which laws of physics they can live by. If the difference were that clear in their minds, the sin would end. But their minds are fuzzy and they can't understand the difference between values and laws of physics.

A correct method of proceeding puts and end to such corruptions. Rationality is what it is called. Openness and accountability are the factors which prevent the concoction of corrupt alternatives to constructive existence. Where openness and accountability are allowed, criticism exposes corruption and puts and end to it.

For this reason, corrupters will not allow the openness and accountability which would put an end to their schemes. This standard is what we see overwhelming society at this time. Criticism is not allowed in journalism or science. In fact, it is now the journalist-activists who are shaping science. They promote fake science and ridicule criticism of it as anti-science. Politicians cower below the social media, as shown by non-swamp conservatives who now say global warming might be occurring in a small amount but not as much as greens say it is.

Conflict with Reality Shapes the Corrupt State

Corruption creates an alternative state in conflict with objective reality. Being wrong is not necessarily corruption, as rightness is a relative concept. Nothing is perfect. It's motives for being wrong that create an alternative state existence. Motives related to power mongering create a machine for generating alternative realities in conflict with objective reality.

Corruption can only exist as an alternative state. Integrating corruption into normalcy doesn't work. Normalcy is too large and prevailing to allow corruption within it. For the same reason, there is no such thing as a "new normal." The supposedly new normal is always the same old corruption.

Normalcy cannot be arbitrated, because it is the size of the universe. Corrupters can only destroy themselves trying to replace it with something else. Are they going to remove the stars and galaxies? If not, they are stuck with the only normal that can exist in the material universe.

But replacing normalcy is the constant drive of corrupters. If they could accept normalcy, they wouldn't be corrupt. Corruption is an unwillingness to accept normalcy. As corrupters try to replace normalcy, they try to convince themselves and everyone else that they have a better alternative. They actually believe that corruption is superior to normalcy, because they extract exploits from life through corruption. Their awareness level is too low to understand that exploitation is not a superior state.

Accepting normalcy is not an option for corrupters, because normalcy leaves them with their incompetence exposed and no ability to get what they want out of life. They can't accept their own worthlessness and the meager results that it produces. So they have to extract more out of life through exploitation.

There is a tendency for corrupt persons to assume everyone is like themselves due to their low awareness level. So when they see others not following their paths of exploitation, they assume stupidity must be the reason. There is supposedly no way to get anything out of life except exploitation.

A sense of superiority comes out of the exploitations of corrupters. Supposedly, he who can exploit the most is worth the most. They generalize their assumption that there is no other way to get what they want out of life. Those who don't accept it must be inferior. But normalcy is not accepting the assumptions of corrupters. So the limited or unusual position that they are in combined with the assumed rightness of it adds up to superiority to them.

Trying to create a state of existence in conflict with objective reality requires an alternative set of realities. For this reason, there has always been two states of existence in the human society: normalcy and corruption.

To etch out a state of existence for corruption, there has to be a set of realities to go with it. Those are transient realities, as they have no foundation in objective reality. They are like tools to be designed for limited purposes.

Since objective reality includes the entire material universe, corrupters have their work cut out for them trying to impose an alternative set of realities onto society. The imposition process gets quite intricate, like a predator trying to out-smart its prey. All of the corrupt methods of handling realities are employed for the purpose. The most visible example is personal attack as a substitute for objective criticism.

Corruption is a totally subjective state. Not only do corrupters have a deficiency of objective reality in their heads, they create a state of existence in conflict with objective reality. Such a state is very weird. Corrupters look weird to normal persons while they want to be viewed as normal. They stretch credulity trying to portray corruption as normal.

Subjectivizing everything is socially unacceptable. All analysis of social normalcy recognizes this fact. People have a right to expect objective reality as the starting point of human relations. Subjectivity must be reserved for personal relationships which are agreed upon. Yet corrupters can never fit into the requirements for objective relationships due to their conflict with objective reality.

The problems which corrupters share with each other draw them into a tight-nit pool of collaborators. They scheme for the promotion of their interests in conflict with normal human interests. This pool of scheming collaborators creates a social force and a never ending battle in society between good and evil. A lot of persons who should know better are drawn into the corrupt world to various extents due to pressures which they have difficulty overcoming and lack of suspicion of the nature of the schemes.

Fraud is the Construction of Alternative Reality

Everyone must represent themselves and their concerns as realities. How do you represent corruption with reality? Only fake reality will do it.

Corrupters need space to operate in. What is space? It's their ability to contrive their own reality. Fraud is the result.

Fraud has a purpose. The purpose is to create a reality bubble for corrupters to occupy. They don't fit into normalcy. They need their own alternative reality.

The alternative reality of corrupters is not an image, it's a degree of malleability. Objective reality is very complex. Representing it properly is very demanding. Corrupters cannot meet the demands. So they concoct their own version of reality for easier handling.

To make reality easier to handle, it has to be simplified and fluid, so it can change constantly. It needs to constantly be changing in part to react to opposing realities, but more so to cope with inconsistencies in the realities. When the pieces don't fit together properly, the meaning has to constantly change.

The major social fantasies are frauds for this purpose. They are global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets. The only explanation for self-driving that can be given is to lower accidents. Even if it did, no one would invest that much money for so little gain, and a lot of us assume it will increase accidents. The large investment doesn't mean such fantasies are credible; it means a lot is invested in alternative reality which is more malleable than objective reality.

The motive and standard are quite visible in this newly developing factoid: Rationalizers are referring to anything related to computers as artificial intelligence attempting to justify artificial intelligence as a certainty. Why wasn't digital electronics called artificial intelligence until the past few months? Because the word intelligence is supposed to have more complexity to its meaning than digital electronics. The intelligence part is not the done, dead deal that propagandists are attempting to portray it as.

Reality Reversal is the Fix

Persons who have never studied an iota of science call scientists flat earthers when we criticize them. A motive is required, but ignorance is a prerequisite.

What it shows is that the contrived reality of corrupters puts them in conflict with objective reality, and the two don't mix. So corrupters don't just create an alternative state, they must attack and disallow the objective reality which contradicts their reality.

Counter intention and counter reality are the products of corruption. To make corruption work rational and constructive existence must be opposed.

To succeed at opposing and replacing objective reality, the fake reality must be absolutized as spotless perfection. Anything less than absolutes would require rational analysis, while the fakery does not stand up to analysis. But by absolutizing the claimed spotless perfection, no analysis is required. Totalitarianism is a consequence of the need to absolutize as a method of avoiding rationality.

Opposition to Rationality Develops

The reconstructed universe of corruption is obviously devoid of rationality, since corrupters cannot produce rationality in a competent manner. Therefore, a conflict exists with the rationality which the normal universe depends upon.

Normalcy requires expression through rationality. So the interaction between the worlds never occurs on proper terms. To impose irrationality, as corrupters do, is not at all different from imposing criminality. A constructive result cannot come out of irrationality.

An element of irrationality is superficiality which omits essential details including developed knowledge on a subject. Renewable energy is infantile in its irrationality. A lot of knowledge and common sense has to be omitted to promote renewable energy. But by skimming over the subject, the negatives get brushed aside in a subconscious manner.

Renewables are called "clean energy." Even if renewables did clean the air, they dirty up the ground something terrible. There is way too much clutter already. It destroys species such as the desert tortoise. If that result is "clean," why clean at the expense of life? Radiation coming from all directions due to high voltage wires overhead destroys human physiology and causes cancer. It is not good, even if it is clean. Electricity is a specialty product for toasters, not a replacement for industrial scale energy sources. However bad coal and oil might be, renewables are not a substitute. If all these threats to life are irrelevant, what makes carbon dioxide such a deadly threat? It's total fakery.


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