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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

The Cult Characteristics of Mongering Power

The dramatic cults show simplistic characteristics which can be found in more complex social corruptions, because the underlying motives are a part of all corruption.

Corrupters believe that corruption is a higher state of existence. Creating a cult is how they manifest that belief and attempt to prove it to be true.

There is no higher state than rationality.

Mongering power is how incompetent and corrupt persons get what they want out of life without rationality getting in their way. Power mongers need to contrive reality, because objective reality exposes their incompetence and corruptness.

Errors could not persist in science without corruption of the process. Science has the purpose of correcting errors, and methodology is designed to do that.

Group Power as Consensus

There has to be a motive to develop corruption. The motive is power. Incompetent persons who want to get more out of life than they are worth need power to create success where there is an absence of real value. False worth has to be imposed, and power is needed to do that.

The primary source of corrupt power is consensus. It is the power of numbers. Consensus means an overwhelming majority of some group. The group must start small, as control over it is created; and then it is expanded as much as possible to increase power.

Since it is false reality that corrupters promote, the process is quite etheric. It is an organizational process rather than a reality-based process. The developed group for the purpose of mongering power is the essence of a cult.

The pretext for the existence of the cult is to promote an etheric, false reality. In science, the most extreme example is relativity. Since the reality is only a pretext, it has no objective basis—it is falsehood. It must be falsehood, because the entire process is a necessity for allowing incompetent persons to prevail. Such persons cannot competitively produce objective reality. If they could, they would never go through the self-defeating process of developing cults for mongering power.

Authority Over Reality

Cult power requires an authority figure who can function as a fake source of reality. The authority figure must be real dumb, otherwise he might mix too much rationality into the brew and weaken the power of the cult. Einstein, for example, was too incompetent to function as a physicist, working in the patent office, but he met all of the needs as a dumb authority figure who could be the claimed source of any contrivance in relativity.

The false reality promoted through cults created by incompetent power mongers is an illusive shadow. The foundational reality can never be pinned down, yet it is promoted as the end-all purpose. The absence of a basis in objective reality gives the fake reality the unlimited nature needed to overwhelm all other realities and supersede objective reality.

To shift reality into such a fake domain, the promoters of the cult make claims based upon the pretense of having ultimate knowledge which is unassailable. The fake knowledge must never be located, because it cannot stand up to evaluation and criticism. It can only consist of claims and pretenses.

Gnosticism was a developed religion for promoting such fake knowledge. Its central theme was a fake knowledge which no one could pin down. All cults, which are always driven by the purpose of mongering power, have the same underlying purpose of justifying the effort through superior knowledge which is total fakery. This underlying foundation in fake knowledge creates a gnostic theme to all cults and power mongering efforts.

Cults Evolved Over Time

The process of developing false knowledge through the power of groups has become much more advanced as society gets more complex. The written medium added a complex dimension to the process. The stumbling origins of adding the written medium to power mongering cults can be traced back to scholasticism, at least for the modern, western world. It wasn't the development of the written medium per se that resulted in scholasticism; it was the ability to go indoors and create a group for intellectual activity; and it was the ability to heat buildings which allowed this. When scholastics got together, they pulled existing books off the shelf and used them as a basis for contriving a false set of realities around which to monger power. Since Greek logic was the most advanced subject available, they used it to create a new interpretation of Christian theology. Over time, the result became impossible to justify, but some conservative Christians and official theologians still trace a line of theology back to the original scholasticism.

Global warming shows how this process works in modern times. The promotion of global warming has reached a point where the only claim that can be made is that 97% of the scientists agree. What do they agree upon? No one can say; you just have to join the group or die. Is this science, or is it a cult?

A cult is a rudimentary state of existence which lacks the complexities of modern social structures including formal religions. A lot of rationality is required to create complexities in the modern world. The incompetent persons who fall back on cults cannot function competently in the complexities of organized social structures.

Cults are a Religious State

Cults are a religious state of existence which lacks the complexity of formal religion. Religions have the purpose of addressing total existence including basic standards. Cults reshape standards and purposes in an accidental way by creating demands devoid of rationality. Without rationality, the complexities of real social structures cannot be sustained.

Cults are reductionistic. They redirect concerns without the rationality of complex social structures. Reducing social standards to corruption is self-defeating, but incompetent persons do not understand the consequences of their behavior. They convince themselves that there is a value to their corruption due to the temporary result of achieving power.

In other words, cults create a rudimentary religious state which locks persons out of the complexities of ordered social structures. The persons involved cannot get beyond the subjective, self-centeredness of the cult, because the falsehoods and forces are in conflict with objective reality and rationality.

Everything is rudimentary religion for incompetent corrupters, because they can't get beyond self-centered subjectivity to produce anything that is not religion. Going beyond religion requires the objective reality and rationality that produces ordered, social complexities.

Why go beyond religion into an objective realm? Because the absence of perfection everywhere in society mixes too much corruption into the subjective realm. An objective realm is needed to create common ground without the conflicts stemming from subjective corruptions. In a perfect state, the subjectivity of religion would integrate into all other complexities, but humans are far from such perfection.

It isn't that social life begins as objective existence and then advances into religion. It's the other way around. Social existence begins with subjective concerns, and adding objective reality to it is very demanding.

Fake Perfection Wards off Criticism

Incompetent corrupters who promote a cult always pretend to be promoting a state of perfection that cannot be questioned. They must prevent anyone from questioning what they do, because their fakery will not stand up to criticism. The only way they can justify the absence of criticism is to pretend that they are representing a perfection that must not be questioned.

We see this constantly in present communication. Corrupters ridicule opponents instead of explaining differences. They list the things opponents say without explanation. Everything on the list is supposed to be rejected. The absence of explanations is supposed to be justified by a state of perfection which is above criticism. Yet it is impossible to determine what the realities are in that perfection.

The state of perfection for cults is a gnostic pit which only the top deciders can understand. Others are not expected to understand what is in that pit; it is only for them to agree and promote the cause of mongering power.

This is the state of global warming, which shows how power mongering evolves into a cult state. The promoters of global warming used to try to argue issues, but they fell flat on their faces so totally that all they can say anymore is that 97% of the scientists agree. At this point in time, the only way the subject is handled is by mentioning the statements of opponents without explanation. The mentioned concerns are supposed to be rejected without explanation.

There is an element of belief in cults that gives them a self-righteousness and persistence. Even the promoters tend to believe their own errors. The belief overrides rationality. Since it is a belief in falsehoods, it never gets corrected. Incompetent persons fall into such a trap, because they do not understand their mistakes.

The belief system for global warming starting in 1850 with the assumption that absorption of radiation by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would heat the atmosphere to some problematic extent. More rational persons saw the ridiculousness in the fact that tiny amounts of something do not accumulate large amounts of heat, and there has always been huge variations in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. It was the poor judgment of incompetents which caused them to persist with a ridiculous concept. They didn't understand the complexities of heat and radiation, so they made up falsehoods to rationalize their position, such as "heat trapping gas" and "delicate balance."

Falsehoods are used as sources of power by corrupters. Half-truths are not. The difference is that falsehoods are "non-falsifiable"—a term used by Popper the science philosopher. What it means is that falsehoods cannot be corrected, if they exist at all, because an absence of correct reality immunizes them to rationality. In other words, the whole falsehood has to be thrown out or accepted. There is nothing in between. It wouldn't be difficult to throw out falsehoods, except that force and violence are used to impose them. When they exist, they are continually expanded to develop power around them.

Subjective Replaces Objective

The power that goes with falsehoods is a subjective form of power, which means the ability to impose oneself upon others. The actual power is the power of numbers, which means consensus. Building consensus requires falsehoods for defining the group and strengthening it. Adding symbols simplifies the process, after a more complex falsehood shapes the parameters.

The power of truth is much more significant, but it is objective power that cannot be manipulated and exploited by incompetent persons. It is, in fact, the power of truth that defeats corrupters and creates their need to derive alternative reality as falsehoods.


Objective—all reality that exists outside of a one's own mind. Something similar must be constructed inside the mind as knowledge to properly represent external, objective reality.

Subjective—originating inside one's own mind. Values aligned upon realities. Objective realities inside the mind are supposed to originate outside the mind and not be subjective.

Warped Criticism

Corrupters replace real criticism with subjective imposition.

What criticism is supposed to be is an explanation of evidence of realities which are wrong. Real criticism blows away corruption. So, of course, corrupters are going to do everything they can to stomp out real criticism. They replace it with subjective impositions.

When corrupters must pretend to be criticizing, which means stomping out the reality of opponents, they drift into a la la land of pretense. You would think they would be laughed off the planet. But they impose a developed power structure onto the subject and decree their frauds to be fact.

A developed power structure is used to counter and replace objective criticism with subjective force with the power of the group behind it.

To overwhelm reality this way, corrupters need to exterminate all opposition. They muster all force and power for their causes and stomp under opponents without credible explanations. They wear incredibility as their clothes.

The net effect is a system of worship. You worship corrupters. Worship is the totality of eliminating all opposition.

This is what is meant by 97% of the scientists agreeing. It's science by worship. Anyone who disagrees is not allowed to contaminate the truth with their opposition. Substituting for reality is the claim that consensus could not be wrong.

Fantasizing Reality

Society is being immersed in an atmosphere of fake reality which combines renewable energy, electric autos, self-driving autos and space travel to Mars and the next Earth. No distinction is being made between fantasy and reality. Facts are omitted to protect the fantasies from contradiction.

This process of fantasizing is a mechanism for rationalizing corruption. It's not usually so highly developed in such a blatant way which includes engineering and technology. Usually, the facts are too easy to establish where actual hardware is concerned. It's a breakdown of science and social processes that allows such extreme divergence between contrivance and reality.

Corrupters use such fantasy routinely in less provable areas such as economics. Reaganomics was called voodoo economics by Bush-I while campaigning, and Bush-I was no champion of rationality. Reaganomics says tax give-aways to the rich will cause all the boats to rise. Trump promoters are trying to resurrect Reaganomics, as if society had not already vomited it off the planet. Such contriving is how conservatives rationalize their absurdities.

The only thing changing is the degree of success. Fantasizing is the only way corrupters have ever sold their goods. They are always going to produce the answer to everything, but always in the future, in contradiction to what they have always shown to be their failures and corruptions in the past.

But they also fantasize the past pretending that their bankruptcies were the answer to something. They make a trail through history lying about what they are going to do in the future and lying about their past to glamorize their destructivity.


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