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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Defining Corruption vs. Constructivity

Corruption is a method, not a result.
It must subdue rationality.


Corrupters promote corruption, because it gives them space to operate in, while rationality places demands upon them which they cannot meet.

Results follow the purpose. Fake results and excuses get them there.

Truth would always blow away corruption, so obliterating truth is necessary in promoting corruption.

There are necessary procedures for getting constructive results. Corrupters skip over necessary procedures, yet they pretend to produce superior results.

Corrupt persons are incapable of going beyond a subjective position. It's us against them. Someone else has to determine what the problems and answers are.


What do people want? Their problems solved. What solves their problems? Constructivity. What creates their problems? Corruption.

Corruption is the dismantling of ordered existence. Who says so? We look at it to find out. Looking to find out is an important part of constructivity—not bowl over someone else or impose our imperialistic view onto opponents, but looking to find out.

So we look at ordered existence. How is existence ordered? A house is ordered through architecture, construction and the properties of materials. There are standard ways of doing rafters for roofs. I did a trace of house framing at almost the minimum wage; and vocational agriculture in high school covered a lot of related subjects including welding and even some mechanical drawing and banking.

A carpenter's square is designed for making rafters. You pick the slope of the roof on the square and draw a line on the rafter while the two points on the square touch the edge of the rafter. And, abracadabra, the rafter is cut at the right angle for the slope of the roof.

Now multiply such procedures by several thousand, and you get a house. The result is ordered existence.

The next question might be, do we really need houses anymore? Or maybe, will we need houses when we get to the next planet? Until we get there, we need ordered existence.

Corruption is the dismantling of ordered existence. Usually, it's a lot easier to dismantle something than to construct it. Houses are often bulldozed to dismantle them—sometimes while the owner is gone and before he knows what happened to his house. Sometimes due to an improper GPS reading. You want to make sure you get such things right. Measure twice and cut once, the carpenters say.

Dismantling something might advance ordered existence, if it is supposed to be dismantled. If not, it doesn't. The question is what advances ordered existence.

These same principles carry over into more abstract areas such as economics and politics. Bulldozing economics or politics is easier than constructing them.

What then is constructive, complex, abstract existence? It's making the pieces fit together right to produce a necessary result. Economists will never agree upon how to do that, but the demand is there, and the requirement tells us what corruption is.

It's the methodology that determines whether ordered existence is advanced or dismantled. The step-by-step process of evaluating and constructing complex realities cannot be omitted or cut short and still get a constructive result. Modern society is extremely complex. It didn't get here through shortcut methods, and it cannot be sustained through shortcut methods. Every step of the process is critical in creating and sustaining complex, ordered existence.

For this reason, a basic problem with corruption is in omitting or shortcutting the necessary steps in creating and sustaining complex, ordered existence. All corruption does this. There are infinite reasons or excuses for corruption, but what always occurs with corruption is an omission of necessary steps required for constructivity.

If all necessary steps are followed in constructive activity, corruption disappears. Corruption is removed from any activity by going through the necessary steps required for constructivity. This is why engineers test everything. It is why wind tunnels are designed for testing aircraft. The process determines whether the end result is constructive.

Corrupters will not go through a constructive process. Motives related to mongering power is why. Power is mongered through corruption. The question here is not the why but the how. The how of corruption is the absence of the necessary steps required for constructivity. When those steps are followed, corruption is not possible.

There is a process to corruption. The process is to break down the necessary steps for constructivity. The absence of what is necessary will corrupt. Of course, there are destructive actions, which are usually illegal. Both the omissions and commissions are prevented by going through the necessary steps of constructivity.

These all-encompassing steps of constructivity must, of course, include the rationality which creates openness and accountability. Corruption will not stand up to the light of truth. Creating the light of truth is ultimately the only thing that reliably ends corruption. Going through the necessary steps for constructivity will create the light of truth necessary for producing constructivity and ending corruption.

The opposite is saying, just trust us. Supposedly, there are gods who can understand what the rest of us cannot, and we are supposed to just trust them. The point here is that trusting them doesn't get there. The necessary steps for constructivity cannot be omitted, and anyone who says trusting someone is a substitute for the necessary steps for constructivity is a fraud who cannot be trusted. The necessary steps for constructivity are not dependent upon someone's brilliance; they are integrated into the requirements for constructivity.

The Nature of Corruption

Recent turmoils show an inability to understand the nature of corruption. Often, a positive light is cast upon corruption which has no redeeming value, like fighting for peace.

There are invariable elements to corruption. One is reactive behavior. Lashing out at surroundings is always reactive behavior, not analysis. To find an analysis in reactive behavior is a failure to understand corruption and the reactions which underlie it.

Another element of all corruption is ignorance. It seems that ignorance is often viewed as a stand-alone attribute. Ignorance is an inseparable element of corruption. Remove ignorance, and the reactive behavior disappears with it. There are, however, different types of ignorance. Not yet encountering something is normal ignorance. An insufficiently develop knowledge range for the purpose is a corrupt form of ignorance.

All corruption is driven by a need to be a winner. Even the myriad of schemes for acquiring money illegally are driven by the need to be a winner. Otherwise, justifiable means of acquiring money are used. It is the need to be a winner that pushes corrupters over the edge of legality. This is not to say that all corruption is illegal, as laws can only be applied to the most extreme corruptions.

There are some specific patterns that corrupters always follow, usually as justification mechanisms. One is to accuse others of what they are guilty of. How could they be that way when they are trying to fix someone else for being that way? Psychologists call such behavior "projection." It's an attempt to get rid of guilt by casting it onto someone else.

Closely related is to fix what they hate. They destroy what they pretend to be fixing. If there is nothing left afterwards, they had the best of intentions. This is why the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Conservatives wave the flag endlessly for these reasons. They are opposed to objectively organized and systematized government. Waving the flag is supposed to protect them from the accusation that they are opposed to objectively organized and systematized government.

The qualifier "objectively" organized is somewhat abstract. Objective means the same for everyone. Corrupters just love endless demands, but only for burdening their enemies, not for themselves, and not for creating adequately organized social structures. They cannot evaluate and adhere to standards of adequacy in complex processes.

An unbelievable extreme at this time is conservatives intending to replace social programs with savings accounts by the peons. Savings accounts are no substitute for government collecting taxes and using them to solve social problems. Part of what is being missed in the fantasized savings accounts is the governmental purpose of getting the rich involved by paying taxes for their privileges, which are usually made possible by the government. "Why do we have to support the worthless bums with our hard-earned tax dollars?" Because the worthless bums made it possible, that's why. Otherwise the rich would have run out of someone else's money to spend before they got started.

A preposterous and unrelenting characteristic of the conservative agenda is to replace developed government programs with fakery that wouldn't fix a crumbled dog house. Privatization is the general concept for the fakery. It removes mechanisms of control over the process and rapidly deteriorates into a rip-off of the tax payers with no redeeming value. Closely related is endless tax give-aways for the rich and corporations, when they don't need them, don't request them and aren't paying significant taxes because of all the loopholes. The purpose is to run up deficits as a pretext for throwing out social programs.

The Power of Fraud

Since corruption cannot stand up to truth, false reality is contrived to shield corruption from truth. The false realities get complex, because they must stop the reasoning process which creates truth.

The simplest and most provable example is relativity in physics. It was contrived in conflict with laws of nature as a means of stripping rationality from physics. It doesn't cover all of physics, but it creates a test for allegiance to corrupters.

Socially, contriving complex frauds out in the open was not easy until recently, as social standards deteriorated. Such mockeries as greenhouse gases, renewable energy, electric autos and self-driving autos could have been contrived any time in the past, but only recently has the degree of rationality deteriorated to a point where frauds can be developed in complex ways.

Such complex frauds are presented as mockeries, not credible realities, because the purpose is to bowl over rationality. Mockery is more intimidating and successful at promoting corruption than an attempt at being convincing would be. Power enforces the frauds, so convincing explanations are not needed.

The essence of complex frauds is not in the realities, which are close to nonexistent, but in the standard of proceeding. Frauds are not used as explanations for anything real. They are used as a method of subduing opponents.

Stripping rationality from life is an anti endeavor. It's what the frauds oppose that matters, not what they support, as they support nothing. They oppose the rationality which produces truth.

Any mess of reality will serve the purpose of complex, developed frauds. There is no wrong way to mess up reality. The superficial realities of frauds change constantly, because they represent nothing, they oppose something.

Frauds are handled as over-simplified quips replacing complex subjects. That standard cannot be used for constructivity. It's a self-condemning standard. It's like pretending to mow someone's lawn in one minute. Would anyone pay someone to mow a lawn in one minute? Society is paying frauds for one-minute lawn mowing on a large part of its reality. Demanding explanations would end the fraud, but it is no longer the social standard.

Engineers used to explain the costs and benefits of the energy frauds, but they were ignored, and they are no longer being heard from. The auto companies looked into electric vehicles and found them to be worthless, but they were coerced into producing them through the bailout. So they waste money producing them, even though no one is buying them.

The social frauds are producing secondary effects, as Johnny-come-latelies get involved not knowing where it all began and expecting something real to come out of it. The major social frauds are being dragged out in slow motion, which conceals the outcome from not-so-bright persons.

A large percent of the persons who promote social frauds assume they are promoting truth. What they think they are saying is, listen to truth. What they are really saying is, listen to power. But they don't know it. They think power is truth.

Weaponization of Reality

Corruption creates a need to withdraw from reality and resort to a medium of force over reality. Reality, as truth developed through rationality, exposes corruption and incompetence and defeats the purposes of corrupters in prevailing through power.

But reality cannot be totally avoided, as it creates, shapes and defines all complexities of life. So corrupters reduce reality to tools which can be used to advance power and force in conflict with reality.

The result is a weaponization of reality, where realities are not developed but reduced to rudimentary forms to enhance the use of force to overwhelm opponents. The weapons include nihilism, distraction, detraction, scandal and all forms of degradation. A common complaint is ad hominem attack, which is abandoning the subject matter and attacking the person.

These weapons are improper methods of proceeding, because they destroy the process of using rationality. The use of such weapons against rationality should be self-condemning. But the arrogance of power allows the perpetrators to claim a superior standard.

Corrupters are totally convinced that weaponization of reality is a superior standard, because it works for their purposes. What they cannot understand is that their purposes are corrupt. The purpose of overwhelming opponents to monger power is destructive, while corrupters cannot understand or believe that it is. Mongering power gets them someplace in life, while rationality does not. They assume that everyone is in the same boat, and therefore, everyone needs to monger power to get someplace in life.

The need to monger power causes corrupters to assume that rational persons have been duped into a losing struggle of trying to accomplish something through a process that cannot work—rationality. They assume rationality is for fools. It takes a lot of stupidity to assume that anything can be accomplished without rationality, but stupidity is how corrupters got to be power mongers.

Domination, Degradation, Exploitation and Elitism

Using power to prevail is domination. Not-so-bright persons assume that if they can prevail against others it will solve their problems.

Why would anyone want to be dominated or prevailed against? They wouldn't. So dominators need to overwhelm vulnerable persons to prevail against them. Something close to a war is required for dominators to prevail against persons who gain nothing from being dominated.

To dominate is to degrade, and to degrade is necessary to dominate. Generally speaking, people need to be ripped off to dominate them. The worse off the victims are, the easier it is to dominate them. It means dominators are degraders.

To get anything out of such destructivity requires exploitation. Since exploitation can only be limited and temporary, there is a self-defeating nature to the process. What happens when they run out of someone else's exploits? They don't know.

Dominators have a need to justify themselves by pretending to have more noble concerns. They have an unbelievable ability to convince themselves of their own lies, which results in assumptions of superiority, which is elitism.

In this way, domination, degradation, exploitation and elitism are the driving forces which characterize corrupt power mongers.

Status as Worth

Constructivity is unknown to power mongering corrupters. So they base worth on other criteria. The primary criteria they use for worth is status.

Status is supposedly determined through a process of social evolution, where people are tested in life and end up where they belong. How could it be otherwise? Maybe corruption could reverse the truth about worth.

The underlying assumption of status as worth is that there is no such thing as injustice. In other words, people deserve everything that happens to them and nothing happens to anyone which they do not do to themselves.

The use of force is doing something to someone which they do not do to themselves. In fact, force is the basis of all corruption. Leave out the force, and everything would be social justice. The result which truth produces is a good definition for justice.

With force defining worth, there is no such thing as an injustice. Why then is there a department of justice with the government? Why are courts supposed to produce injustice? Corrupters have never figured out why, and they try to prevent courts and government from interfering with their process of dominating society through power mongering use of force.

Reactionary Logic Reversals

Corruption is an anti-constructive reaction. It's reactionary. This means corrupters do not originate reality, they react to reality and concerns which other persons originate. Necessity forces corrupters into such a position, because they cannot produce credible reality. Instead, they pretend that they are fixing the reality of opponents by opposing it and replacing it with their alternative.

This process is a substitution mechanism—remove someone else's reality as being inferior and change it as supposedly an improvement. The process of changing what someone else did or said is supposed to be a self-evident improvement. In fact, the alteration is proclaimed with maximum vehemence to show that there was something wrong which demanded an improvement.

The virtue of substitution (Repeal and Replace) is supposed to be visible in the emotions that goes with it. But if you look at the realities, they are mockeries. The realities are extremely complex. Society evolves its complex realities in a slow and continuous manner making small steps forward and constant improvements. This is the process which corrupters blast away with mocking ridicule pretending that some obnoxious substitute is a self-evident fix.

Just looking at the realities involved shows the fraudulent mockery in the substitution process. Society has already discussed the subjects of concern, usually over decades of social debate, while some mindless substitute, usually something that has been totally rejected in the past, is supposed to be the fix. The real absurdity is that no one assumed a fix was needed. Yet corrupters supposedly see some disease which everyone missed (eighty years of liberalism gone awry) and they are going to fix with mindless slogans in contradiction to developed social realities.

The most extreme example jumping at us at this time is that conservatives are going to fix the economy with a massive tax give-away and increased spending on infrastructure. About a dozen mockeries obliterate the evolved social reality on this subject. First of all, the economy has been slowly improving in a careful and systematic way. A shock-and-awe fix is not needed. Secondly, no one has been saying taxes are too high. They are extremely low at this time. Thirdly, lowering taxes could not stimulate the economy. Tax give-aways mostly apply to the rich, and they don't spend their new riches on consumer products. Purchasing more products (and services) is the only method known for stimulating the economy. Fourthly, a massive increase in federal debt creates inflation, which is bad for the economy. And then, they aren't talking about fixing infrastructure but adding to it with toll roads for ripping off the public some more. You can be sure the bridges are going to keep falling down afterwards.

Conservatives in Congress have been obstructing previous attempts to improve infrastructure, because they did not want to increase deficit spending. Now, blowing the top off the government debt is supposed to be the fix for something, because it is the conservatives doing it.

The infantile logic shows the motive. All conservatives are doing is pretending to be fixing something as a justification mechanism. Complex things need to slowly evolve. But corrupters cannot get involved in an evolving process which exposes their incompetence and corruptness. So they pretend that something needs to be blasted out of the ground and replaced by some nonsense, which only they can do.

Shadow Reality

Corrupt persons never initiate anything complex for two reasons. One, they are too incompetent to originate complex reality. And two, they would be attacked for the corruptness of it, if they owned it. So they let someone else initiate everything and follow up with an alteration, which is a shadow reality.

Substitute reality isn't a plan, it's an attempt to make incompetence look like superiority. It's like a fortune teller doing cold reading. A fortune teller finds out what the mark has to say and then feeds it back to him with modifications designed for rip off. The modifying of reality is pushed as superior intelligence. You say x, we say x modified. You are always wrong, we are always right.

It's a shadow universe, where the shadow of reality is pushed as the real reality. The shadow reality doesn't exist until someone more rational creates the reference reality. Since the shadow reality is an alteration of the real reality, it is always destructive.

It doesn't take brain one to alter someone else's reality. So it is a fool-proof method of creating superiority out of incompetence—that is, as long as it doesn't matter how much destroying is done in the process.


Propaganda differs from outright lying in that propagandists believe in what they are doing. Believing in the process makes it an elaborate scheme.

But what they are doing is not what they are saying. What propagandists are doing and saying are totally different, in fact opposites. They pretend to be solving some problem which they are really creating. They speak in opposites as a cover. There is no credibility to the words, because they are nothing but mockeries used as a cover for some other motive.

The motive of propagandists is to acquire power by taking over a process and making it their own. It isn't the same process afterwards, because corrupters cannot handle constructive processes based on rationality. Their purpose is to reduce a process to a level of degeneracy which they can handle.

An example is the promotion of renewable energy. Renewable energy can never be practical. But propagandists are trying to amass power by stripping energy technology out of the hands of competent persons and taking over the process. The propaganda is not credible, because it has no relationship to the purpose of acquiring power through corruption. There is no such thing as proving them wrong, because the realities are sacrificed to motives. Corrupters are driven by motives and they sacrifice realities to the motives.

Propaganda gets to be elaborate because of the difficulty in promoting an error. Propagandists are really arguing against their own inability to overcome objective truth with their erroneous purpose. Every gimmick is a failure to subdue the objective reality which is defeating them.

The futility of propaganda makes propagandists very forceful. The result is obnoxious imposition in conflict with reality.

At the same time, real logic and evidence must be avoided, because it defeats the purpose of the propaganda. The presentation must be extremely superficial and piecemeal to prevent objective reality from being developed.

These results are found in a highly developed way in the promotion of global warming and renewable energy. Gullible persons are drawn in who don't understand the starting point and therefore believe in the fakery.

Persons who are wrong and assume they couldn't possibly be wrong assume that lying and inaccuracy are acceptable ways of promoting their cause. Getting opponents to believe them is assumed to be more important than the means used to accomplish the result. Such corrupters feel immune to the usual consequences of contradictions and opposing evidence, since they are supposedly proven right in the long run.

In other words, there is an unbelievable degree of boldness and elaborateness with the errors and contradictions of persons who assume they have truth on their side when they don't. The attitude that goes with such corruption is triteness and dismissiveness. Quips are supposed to be adequate in dealing with lesser persons who don't see things the same way.

This mentality is built upon the assumption that someone else has everything figured out, and the small minded propagandist has the limited duty of promoting the cause rather than understanding it. An invisible well or dark pit of knowledge is more unquestionable than something that has to be understood. The assumed existence of an invisible well of infallible knowledge is what allows corrupters to get science so wrong while assuming they are so right, while the assumption that knowledge does not need to be understood creates a resistance to being corrected.

What such persons don't realize is that if they really had truth on their side, it would create a totally different state of existence, where explanations, evidence and correction of contradictions are the method of convincing. But propagandists are incompetents who can't develop realities without producing errors. A cause with a large group behind it allows incompetents to come out in the open relying upon the assumption that there is an underlying truth that will justify their inadequacies.

Almost parenthetically, there is a gradient of concreteness from the exactness of science, which must be substantiated with evidence, to the abstractness of philosophy, where relationships are explained for whatever they are worth. Incompetents mix these differences up, omitting the evidence for concrete realities and demanding proof for philosophy. These differences in procedures have to be recognized to prevent corrupters from demanding proof for philosophy and imposing beliefs as science. There is, in fact, a proof for philosophy in correct relationships, except that the abstractness is impossible for incompetents to understand.

Creating Cults to Mongering Power

Mongering power is what makes corruption work. Mongering power might sound like something a few top feeders do. But it includes large masses of people. Generating the power of numbers is the ultimate goal of power mongers. It puts more persons on their side and reduces opponents.

There is a complex process involved in incorporating large numbers of persons into a controlled source of power. The net effect is creation of cults.

Rudimentary cults might not be recognized as cults. They start as a large group promoting similar concerns. The central concern is to generate the power of numbers, which is a power mass.

The most visible example at this time is the global warming power mass. It is spreading to related power masses concerning renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and space travel fantasies.

Developed falsehoods are needed to synthesize a power mass. Objective reality must be replaced with subjective elements of contrivances. No power mass can be created around the value of jet airplanes, but a large power mass is being created around electric vehicles. The difference is the ability to contrive where there is falsehood.

Falsehood is a source of power for corrupt persons, because objective reality is a source of power for rational persons. The power to dominate and prevail is dependent upon the ability to reduce the power of someone else, and falsehoods serve that purpose.

But falsehoods can only be a source of power when there are a large number of persons who agree and enforce the falsehoods. It's a numbers game. Corrupters need a ratio of about ten to one to overwhelm rational persons. And even then, prevailing with falsehood requires an isolated environment which prevents truth from being developed, such as the dark and unaccountable structures of science and the bureaucracies.

On a broad social scale, blocking out opposition and criticism is needed to promote falsehoods, as occurs with global warming. The mainstream media will no longer tolerate opposition on global warming.

Once a falsehood is constructed around a power mass, it then is used as a weapon to enhance the position of corrupters on all else that they do. Opponents can be degraded for being a science denier to weaken their credibility on unrelated subjects.

Power mongers absolutize, because it eliminates the need for rationality. One quip takes care of everything.


Problems are always complex. Corrupt persons cannot handle complexities. They not only lack capabilities, they lack the objective reality required for understanding complexities.

It's like a television that is not working. Most persons would not have a clue as to what is wrong with it. All they could say is that it is not working. That's about all corrupt persons can say about any problem. They take a subjective position, and nothing else.

That's not good enough. Someone has to figure out what a problem is and what a solution would be. To ignore the complexities and demand a solution is to assume everything takes care of itself, once a person takes the right position.

This would be like calling a television repairman, and the person who shows up says the television is not working. You already know that. Why does he need to tell you? The same question screams out every time a corrupt persons tells us what his concerns are. It doesn't tell us what the problem or answer is.

Lawlessness Reduces to Tribalism

There are a surprisingly large number of persons who cannot understand why laws should get in their way. They view all opposition as an injustice. They assume that there is no legitimate reason to disagree with them or oppose them.

This strange view of things places them at the center of their universe as the defining state of existence. Their own values and purposes must always be right, because they are favorable. Any opposition must be wrong, because it is not favorable.

This view leads to the assumption that all law is an unjust imposition, since law creates an obstacle to their unhindered ability to prevail at all times. Law is that way, because it is designed to cope with problems including injustice. As philosophers often state, with total perfection there would be no law or government. It means laws and government are created to cope with problems including corruption.

If corrupters were perfect, they would have no problem with law and government. But they run into problems with law and government with everything they do. They cannot see the problem in themselves, so they assume the whole concept of creating law and government is a corruption which must be done away with.

What do they have without law and government? Such situations often exist. The result is chaos and anarchy. Some persons actually believe that chaos and anarchy are improvements, because they cannot be what they want to be in the presence of law and government.

The human state without law and government is sometimes analyzed as tribalism. It means humans form groups of persons with similar purposes and fight with other groups which have conflicting purposes. They cannot solve their problems through ordered existence, because they cannot adapt to law and government due to their corruptness.

Sometimes the assumption is that such persons could learn how to become more civilized. It doesn't happen, as shown by the fact that when such persons are in an environment of ordered existence, they cannot tolerate the forces acting upon them and attempt to reduce the social state to chaos and anarchy.

The Dark Pit as Source of Everything

There are two states of mind for humans. One is that constructive actions are needed to solve problems. The other is that everything comes out of a dark pit. With a dark pit solving everyone's problems, there are no human responsibilities.

The darkness creates infallibility. When the source cannot be understood, it cannot possibly be wrong.

This mentality is what turned science into a power mongering connivance instead of a study of evidence. The public assumed that the darkness of science was a source of infallibility. Science can neither be understood nor criticized coming out of a dark pit.

It took a science educated society to keep science on track. The public can no longer be characterized as science educated.

To science educated persons, there is no dark pit. The results are either visible or they are fraud.

Not only did the recent society fail to see the corruptions in science, they brought out the corruptions and suppressed the real science. Activists and activist-journalists did this by promoting a fairytale version of science and attacking criticism of it. Real scientists are being shoved out for being critical with activist-journalists chasing them into oblivion.

This isn't to say the science educated society was purifying science—no one could correct relativity, at least with the bureaucrats demanding the fraud to be accepted in science. What the science educated society used to do is provide enough critical evaluation to allow real science to prevail where there was enough openness for public visibility. Most of physics never had such a degree of openness.

Elimination of Complexities

Since corrupt persons cannot handle complexities, they try to simplify to every extent possible. Oversimplification makes everything unreal in the modern, complex society.

Problems are very complex. They can't be solved while oversimplifying. So any involvement by corrupters prevents problems from getting solved.

Rationality is met with triteness and dismissiveness. It's a replacement process. Normal realities are replaced with substitutes which lack the complex concerns that rational persons have.

Ad hominem attacks come out of this well. They are a replacement of complex realities with personal attack. They occur because of the inability of corrupters to handle complexities. Subjective attacks remove all complexities including any explanation for the subjective attacks.

A recent example is attacking critics as trolls. Since everything is being done on the internet now days, anyone on the internet who is not ass kissing is a troll. It's a method of eliminating criticism. It's not who you are, what you are doing or why you are doing it. Anything goes including perverse slime. All must be represented. It's whether you are kissing ass instead of criticizing that determines legitimacy.

Half Way Down

Corruption of course ranges from slight to extreme. About half way down, corruption is assumed to be the answer to everything. At the bottom, corrupters know they are destroying life and are driven by hate and vengeance to do so.

The half-way-down types are trying to solve problems through their corruptness. Numerous forces interact to create false impression for corrupt persons. The simplest fact is that they get results from simplistic corruptions. More aware persons would realize that the long-term, net effect doesn't pay. But reduced awareness is a pre-requisite for corruption. Awareness ends corruption.

Corrupters characteristically only see immediate effects. What they gain is immediate, and the price is long term. So there is a disconnect between the immediate gains and long-term losses.

One of the main significances of partial corruption is that truth disrupts the process. No corruption can stand up to significantly developed truth on the subject. If then, corrupters assume they are accomplishing something, what is the significance of truth to them? Truth becomes the root of all evil.

The half-way-down corrupters actually believe that truth is an evil, because it prevents them from gaining anything through their corruption. Of course, more corrupt persons hate truth even more, as it exposes their evil. But there is a particular social problem created by corrupters who assume they would be solving problems if truth weren't getting in their way.

How Triteness Creates Infallibility


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