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Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Fixing the Economy is a Corruption Problem, not a Re-industrialization Problem

People have jobs. There is almost full employment. And it is hardly better jobs that people need. The most tedious work is now being done in less affluent countries.

The real problem is not jobs; it's an inability to pay bills even with a good paying job. People are overwhelmed by health care expenses and debt. There is not an economic analysis for why. Expenses are being dumped onto everyone's heads from the top down. It's a top-down expense dump.

The top-down expense dump is a result of corruption. When corruption leaves businesses short on change, the response is to charge the consumers more for services. The problem is in services, not products. Products are produced in nonaffluent countries, and they get cheaper all the time. It's the cost of services that overwhelms the public, and it is corruption that creates the ever increasing cost of services. Services can't be outsourced like products can; so they stay domestic. Health care is the primary example.

If the services are the source of the increased expenses, how can re-industrialization fix the problem? Americans cannot compete with cheap labor in less affluent countries. Trying to do so misses the problem. The affluent countries produce non-labor intensive products involving complex engineering and development of new designs. Shifting back to cheap labor takes away from the more valuable results.

That's why more enlightened politicians talk about advancements in science, education and development instead of re-industrialization. Turning the clock back on progress is not possible, and trying to do so only increases the problems instead of solving them. No one is going to go back to making household products out of metal instead of plastic, which means there is no "re" to industrialization, even if reductionistic policies could be pursued.

Economies grow, because people want better lives. Growing economies solves problems. Finding answers to problems requires new products, and producing them grows economies.

That process is no longer occurring in the affluent countries. Corruption overwhelmed the progress and replaced it with deterioration.

With corruption overwhelming affluent societies, an industrial fix is not possible. Nor is an economic fix. Fixing the corruption is the only fix for corruption.

The corruption is caused by incompetents pushing their way into social structures and using them to monger power. Mongering power is always a corruption. The social structures were designed for producing objective results, while power is mongered for personal gain at the expense of everyone. Power mongers have turned the social structures into tools of exploitation which do not produced the required results.

The nonfunctionality of corrupted social structures is paid for by extracting from consumers or the general public. The worst of it is that paying for something does not solve problems, as nonfunctional social structures create problems which never get solved.

Trying to extract solutions out of corruption only creates more problems. So-called renewable energy plows resources into waste, fraud and abuse creating expenses without solutions. Scientists trying to get energy out of hydrogen fusion, when there is no significant energy in fusion is an expensive distraction from real solutions.

Openness and Accountability

Openness and accountability add light to darkness. Nothing constructive can be done in the dark. Trying to do things in the dark is like trying to drive with your eyes closed. Getting things right is impossible.

The primary reason why bureaucrats get things wrong is because they try to do everything behind closed doors. The result doesn't fit the situation that it was designed for. The deciders could ask the persons involved if the solution fits the problem. Instead, a culture of darkness produces a railroad job.

Nothing constructive can be done in the dark, because it is impossible for rational persons to function in the dark. Rationality is a process which relates one reality to another. The links are not made in the dark. Linking realities is an openness process.

Yet, corrupters insist on doing everything in the dark, because their motives will not stand up to the light of truth. That problem is exactly why openness and accountability solves problems—it prevents corrupters from advancing their motives.


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