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Gary Novak

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Potential Energy

Supposedly, energy is conserved as if a fixed quantity were being moved around. But in doing that, it often takes the form of "potential energy." Where is the energy in potential energy?

Potential something is not the same as something. It's like spending more money than one has and calling the difference potential money.

If energy is being converted to potential energy, then it is not being conserved. The logic is that it is possible to get the same amount of energy out of potential energy as was put into it, and therefore it is conserved some place in some form. Why then are not the gods of knowledge telling us what that place is and what that form is?

The truth is that the place and form of potential energy is force. Force is one of the forms of energy. But physicists do not want to admit that force is a form of energy, because force can be amplified, and amplified energy would not be conserved energy.

Physicists prefer pretense for convenience, so they don't have to expose their ignorance in trying to explain something which is not understood. If they can't explain amplified energy, then how can they know so much about space warps, worm holes and the rest of relativity? They are peddling the bliss of ignorance and calling it laws of nature.

Consider a helicopter. It uses energy to stay motionless above the ground. It is said to have potential energy. If it drops out of the air, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. Guess what. It takes a fixed rate of energy to stay in the air for any amount of time, yet it always has the same amount of potential energy. It has the same potential energy after 10 hours as it had after 1 minute. Yet it uses 600 times as much energy in 10 hours as 1 minute. This occurs because gravity creates and destroys energy. Physicists deny that any such thing occurs.

The proof that force is one of the forms of energy is in elastic collisions. When the two objects move toward each other, they have kinetic energy, and there us no force involved. As they collide, a force develops between them, as their motion decreases. Kinetic energy is converted to force. If force is interconvertible with motion, as Newton's laws indicated, then force is a form of energy.

What then is amplified force, as a lever produces it? It's unimaginable, because physicists do not know what force is. All they know about force is what it does.

Theory indicates that the source of energy is a medium below the level of molecules. There must be at least one, maybe only one, medium at the subatomic level, because electromagnetic waves require such a medium. Only the Michelson-Morely experiment indicates otherwise, and it does not rise to the level of valid science by any criteria.
The mystics of the eastern religions describe what they see at the subatomic level, and they describe it as a medium of energy. (See "The Complete Book of Zen" by Wong Kiew Kit, 1998, p38.)

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