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Exxon Racketeering

Exxon is being investigated for racketeering at the insistence of greens. The racket is to sell gasoline while knowing it creates global warming. Why not Shell? They apparently didn't know their gas creates global warming. Why wasn't James Hansen informing them along with everyone else? Shouldn't Hansen and the scientists be the underlying conspirators?

Why shouldn't the persons buying the gas be part of the conspiracy? If they didn't know, why weren't the scientists telling them?

If this doesn't make sense, it's supposed to be like the smoking and cancer racketeering. Cigarettes are still being sold. It isn't the selling that creates the racketeering; it's the concealment of the danger. It means Exxon concealed the danger, but Shell did not, nor did the scientists such as James Hansen. If the scientists were not concealing the danger, why shouldn't the public know of the danger and be part of the racketeering for buying the gas?

How can selling something be racketeering, while buying it is not? Because the racketeering only occurs while the buyers are uninformed. After the buyers find out, there is no racketeering involved. Why then is not the primary problem that the scientists concealed the global warming from the public? You say they didn't? Then how could Exxon conceal it from the public? Implicitly, Exxon knew about global warming before the scientists did. Should not scientific fraud then be the real problem?

When tobacco companies were being sued, people were in wheelchairs with oxygen bottles saying emphysema and lung cancer destroyed their health, because the tobacco companies lied to them about the dangers. Where are these people for Exxon? Where are the persons telling us that their lives were destroyed by buying Exxon gasoline, because Exxon lied to them about global warming? Why is Al Gore flying all over the world burning energy instead of staying home and commiserating with the greens? It would be like a scientist working for a tobacco company saying he found out how dangerous tobacco is, so now he smokes ten packs per day.

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