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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Fakery of the Benefits

Propaganda on the common social fantasies is shifting from arguing evidence to faking the benefits.

Supposedly, the combination of renewable energy with electric vehicles and self-driving is going to be the solution to energy problems and greenhouse gases. It's no longer if but when and how.

A definitive and self-condemning point of fakery is that the benefits are always in the future. Real constructivity always has a history and is discussed in present time. Present time for the social fantasies is nothing but expensive waste, fraud and abuse.

Fake Electrical Efficiency

A new stunt is the pretense that electrical efficiency is in the 98% range. That's like say the weight of new automobiles has been reduced by 98% and autos now weigh 60 pounds.

Nothing that electricity touches produces 98% efficiency. A wire to a lamp on a table loses more than 2% due to resistance in the wire creating heat.

A new concept of electric motor efficiency is being promoted by bureaucrats claiming 98% efficiency. Electric motors require more waste of energy than that. Concentrating electrical energy for motors is very difficult. If the energy is spread out too much, torque cannot be produced.

For this reason, engineers start with about a 30% loss of energy in the windings of electric motors, because this loss maximizes the concentration of energy. If the loss were reduced to 10%, the energy would be spread out too much and torque would be reduced. To reduce the loss to 2% would produce a nonfunctional motor.

The details go like this: To concentrate the energy in a motor, or any other wire-wound device such as solenoid switches and some inductors, small diameter wire is used and a lot of current is put through it. The more current through a wire, the more heat is produced as lost energy. So the maximum tolerable heat is produced in order to concentrate the electrical energy to a maximum extent. Using only 2% loss (98% efficiency) does the opposite.

Therefore, whatever bureaucrats mean by 98% efficiency in an electric motor, it doesn't mean what efficiency normally means. There are no explanations and no way to find out. There might be publications someplace which explain (totally obfuscated) what is meant by 98% efficiency, but it won't be what efficiency normally means, because there is no such thing as 98% efficiency in electric motors by normal criteria.

Super gloss is all you need now days.

While this new version of absurd efficiency is being promoted for electrical energy, all other concepts are being removed from view. The public is left with nothing but a fake result with no explanation of where it came from. The claims just reinforce a fake efficiency for electrical energy.

This is the standard of the fantasy fakery. Real constructivity doesn't work that way. There is no real constructivity in the fantasies which are supposedly going to solve energy problems in the future.

Electrical Efficiency

Renewable Energy


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