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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

The Fictitious Static State


There is no such thing as a static state beyond solid matter. Incompetents assume everything is a static state, because their minds won't handle complexities. So they expect to manipulate a static state, good or bad, by changing one factor.

With global warming, the static state is the starting point for every fake claim. Supposedly, the temperature and weather have been flat as a pancake until humans changed the result. Supposedly, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere maintains a "delicate balance," until humans change the result.

The primary social example is that adding immigrants to the economy takes jobs away from someone else, as if there were some state of normalcy without migrant workers. Another example is that blocking imports improves the export/import ratio, as if you could add and subtract from a static economic state.

The usual concern about the economy is to increase it for such elements as jobs and income. Improved economies must churn out more value. Churning out is a highly dynamic thing. One element of it tells nothing.

Improvement is never a restrictive thing; it is always an enhancement thing. That includes restricting immigrants and imports. More immigrants and imports will enhance an economy, unless the immigrants are nonfunctional, such as some types of refugees who are too isolated.

The same is true for robots. Robots increase production, which stimulates economies. More jobs are created by stimulated economies. Not to mention the fact that the number of jobs is not the real problem; it's the amount of pay that's the problem.

Blocking imports would be like having a peanut grinder and putting fewer peanuts into it; the amount coming out will not increase. Why would reducing imports result in more exports? It couldn't possibly happen. Modern economies break down without the imports which are needed for all sorts of purposes.

The concept of a static which can be manipulated is not limited to economics. Incompetents are stuck in that mental state regardless of what they are doing. Physics is hamstrung by that mental state, as physicists are the flunkies of science who must hide behind fake math to cover up their incompetence.

Every analysis of physics starts with a static state which can supposedly be manipulated by math. There are no such states in nature. All elements of complexity must be accounted for in science. The atmosphere is so dynamic that nothing in it can be represented by simple math or numbers. But climatologists pretend to have a number for the amount of heat humans add to it.

The static state mind-frame is a result of an inability of incompetents to handle complexities. They try to pretend conditions into existence in contempt for the complexities of objective reality.


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