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The Force Conflict

Incompetents who want to get more out of life than they are worth monger power. Power allows them to extract. Since there is no justification for that standard they are constantly imposing fake reality and corrupt logic onto society.

Mongering power creates a medium of forces. Force can only be defined as that which conflicts with reality. Power mongering creates forces because of its conflict with reality. Power mongers need force to oppose reality, because they are incompetent at handling reality and are exposed as incompetent corrupters through reality and the rationality which generates truth.

Since nothing in life can be significantly separated from the objective reality which creates and defines life, power mongers must be extremely superficial in handling reality. Superficiality reduces everything to trivia. In the trivia only values are relevant while realities must be brushed aside as endless conflicts and problems.

For this reason power mongers contrive a fantasy world where they can pretend to be solving everyone's problems through fakery which has no value. Examples include the social fantasies of global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles and self-driving. There would be no value to self-driving even if it were possible. It is promoted as a fantasy solution to a nonproblem which allows frauds to pretend to be solving peoples' problems while they create them.

Obviously, problems can only increase with reality being brushed aside. Power mongers depend upon competent persons to solve their problems while they hate the persons whom they exploit. Power mongers shoved rational persons out of the social structures so thoroughly that problems are not being solved.

The lower classes need problems to be solved, which places them in the reality medium. The problem solvers used to come out of the lower middle classes where they were highly oriented to solving problems. Back in those days the lower middle classes were impoverished enough to create a need for solving problems.

As social structures get more rigidly stratified, there is no place in them for problem solvers. Fakes call for the solution to problems out of their fantasies, and all that results is more problems.

Power mongers hate the lower classes and fight a perpetual war against them due to the objective reality which flows out of poverty. The existence of poverty independent of words or concerns creates more objective reality than power mongers can tolerate. It's analogous to someone beating their dog to a bloody mess and then doesn't want anyone to see the bloody dog, because it condemns them.

There is no visible logic as to why power mongers are forever fighting a war against the lower classes, and the lower classes do not understand why that war exists or expect it. The class war results from the conflict between the force medium which power mongers are immersed in and the reality medium which flows from poverty.


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