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The Humidity Fraud

Every weather event is reported in the media as being caused by carbon dioxide which humans put in the air. Heating air can only reduce precipitation, not increase it. That's why hair dryers heat the air rather than cool it.

Between 1980 and 1998, precipitation increased, because oceans were heating up, not because the air was heating. Then everything leveled off for ten years, and now droughts are occurring, because the oceans are cooling back down.

It's the ocean temperature which determines how much moisture there is in the air. Warm ocean water causes water to evaporate more rapidly into the air. Everyone knows that hurricane predictors look at the temperature of the water to determine how severe a hurricane will be. Everyone also knows that an El Nino results in severe flooding due to warmer ocean water. Which means no one could honestly get this wrong. It has to be called fraud rather than stupidity.

There is a layer of fakery between the science and the public for promoting these global warming frauds. Ignorant fakes wash the hands of scientists by making claims which are scientifically absurd. They claim that the reason why warming the air increases precipitation is because warmer air holds more moisture. That's like saying ignorant fools are more intelligent, because empty heads hold more knowledge. Increasing the holding capacity of the air reduces precipitation. That's why heating air is a method of drying. Heating air increases holding capacity.

Air is almost never saturated. That means the amount of water vapor in the air is not determined by holding capacity. Air usually has holding capacity that is not being filled with water vapor.

What determines the amount of water vapor in the air is availability, not holding capacity. Availability is determined entirely by ocean temperatures. Air over warmer oceans acquires more water vapor than air over colder oceans.

This is why air from the Pacific Ocean, which moves over the northern USA, does not have as much water vapor in it as air from the Gulf. The Pacific Ocean is colder than the Gulf of Mexico. But there has been a lot of intermittent warming of the northern Pacific Ocean, and when it gets warmer, more moisture shows up across the northern USA.

The warmer Pacific Ocean is also the entire cause of the slight and localized increase in surface temperatures than has occurred over recent decades. The Alaskan coast warming has been a noticeable example. Whether the Atlantic and Indian Oceans have been heating, I don't know. I haven't seen evidence of it in stated weather patterns.

Measurements by climatologists are virtually nonexistent for ocean temperatures. The new ARGO measurements are a sham—attempting to determine a global average, when there are no averages in nature; and spot measurements leave too many factors unaccounted for, as thermometer measurements demonstrate.

Air over oceans rapidly equilibrates with ocean temperature and becomes saturated, but only for a distance above the surface, as this image shows:

ocean air

There is not much large-scale, vertical convection in the atmosphere. Air in the atmosphere moves in horizontal layers. This means that the layer of air over the oceans which equilibrates with the water does not extend high into the atmosphere. The extent would vary with weather conditions.

The layering also limits the ability of air to interact with the oceans. Only the lowest layer of the atmosphere will acquire the temperature of the oceans it passes over. The nature of the upper atmosphere is determined by other factors.

Highly significant is the fact that oceans control the temperature of the air above them, not the other way around. Air has very little heat capacity compared to water, and not all of the atmosphere is in contact with the oceans. Yet fake climatologists pretend that the assumed slight increase in air temperature caused by carbon dioxide is determining ocean temperatures. Solar energy heats the oceans on a short term basis, and geothermal energy accumulates in the oceans on a long term basis.