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Warmer Air Reduces Precipitation

Fakes keep saying that global warming increases precipitation. Just as they say it creates droughts and floods. It shows their total contempt for the science and their shameless attempt to feed the public any fraud which justifies their claims.

First, they say warmer air has more holding capacity for water vapor. Then they say more water vapor will be in the air due to the increased holding capacity. And then they say more precipitation will occur due to increased water vapor in the air.

If warmer air draws in more water vapor, how can it expel more water vapor? Which does it do: draw it in or expel it? It can't do both. Is the air warm while drawing in water vapor and then cold while expelling it? Where does the increased cold come from with global warming? The fake logic makes charlatans look rational.

The first part is wrong, because holding capacity does not determine the amount of water vapor in the air. The air is almost never saturated. That means it almost always has more holding capacity than is being used.

Non-saturated air shows that the amount of water vapor in the air is determined by availability, not holding capacity. Availability is determined by where the water is located and its temperature. Dry land will not yield water vapor.

Oceans are the primary determiner of the amount of water vapor in the air. Warmer oceans put more water vapor into the air, and colder oceans put less in, as demonstrated by El Ninos and El Ninas. Hurricanes also show that ocean temperatures determine the amount of water vapor entering the air.

The reason why ocean temperatures—and almost nothing else—determine the amount of water vapor in the air is because the air temperature over oceans rapidly equilibrates with ocean temperature. This is only true for a few hundred feet above the surface. Oceans are not the total determiners of air temperature, because high level air does not contact the ocean surface. But any increase in air temperature due to global warming (which is not occurring) would be irrelevant to absolute humidity, because the temperate near the ocean surface would be the same regardless. A small increase in atmospheric temperature has no significant effect upon oceans because of low heat capacity of air.

This means that the increased precipitation which is generally recognized by climatologists and is quite visible in some places is caused by oceans warming, not the atmosphere warming.

Sahara Desert Turning Green - National Geographic, July 31, 2009

Sahara Desert Turning Green - BBC News, September 18, 2002