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Zone of Emission Fraud

Neither man nor nature can change the net temperature of the atmosphere, because radiation going out must equal radiation coming in (from the sun); and radiation out is strictly determined by temperature. Fake scientists know this; so they use a fraudulent explanation based on a zone of emission.

They claim that there is a zone at about five kilometers of height in the atmosphere where the emission outward occurs. This zone is supposedly at a temperature of -19°C, because the Stefan-Boltzmann constant says so. It says that a surface at a temperature of -19°C will emit 235 watts per square meter of black body radiation, which is how much solar radiation the earth absorbs on average.

It should be obvious that there are a number of obvious frauds in the concept of there being such a zone. Fraud one: The Stefan-Boltzmann constant is designed to show how much radiation is given off by a surface at a particular temperature. A surface is nothing resembling a gas for emissions. Radiation can leave throughout the three dimensional structure of a gas, which means there will be a lot more radiation at a particular temperature.

Fraud two: There is no such zone in the atmosphere. The atmosphere shows an approximately uniform gradient of temperatures. (Variations in the gradient are not relevant to the point.) It would be no coincidence that fake scientists explain the temperature gradient in the atmosphere in an incorrect way. They claim it is an "adiabatic" effect. This effect is a cooling process of gasses as they expand. To get expansion in the atmosphere would require upward convection. There is no large-scale, vertical convection in the atmosphere. Instead, the temperature gradient is caused by radiation exiting from all levels. And this is the obvious reason for injecting the false adiabatic effect. It provides an explanation without radiation leaving from all parts of the atmosphere rather than from the fraudulent zone.

Fraud three: If there were a zone from which radiation leaves the atmosphere, there would be no way to get energy into the zone. There is no mechanism for all radiation heading for a zone and accumulating there.

Fraud four: The known temperature gradient would cause radiation to exit from all points in the atmosphere. The temperature is the determining factor for emission. So where the temperature is -18°C there is more radiation being emitted than from where the temperature is -19°C. etc. This is true whether the temperature gradient in the atmosphere is created by adiabatic effect, convection, radiation or any other means.

The fakes needed a zone in order to apply the Stefan-Boltzmann constant to emissions out of the atmosphere, so they could claim to have a mathematics for the phony, settled science based upon unquestionable physics. Then they claim that the global warming caused by humans just pushes the fake zone higher in the atmosphere, as if the lower atmosphere could keep getting hotter, while the zone keeps emitting the same amount of radiation into space.

In other words, everything about the fake zone is an obvious mockery of all principles. Yet there is no accountability for the fake science. Why? Such is the nature of the corruption of science. Only a critical public can create accountability for the fraudulent science.

This degree of obvious contradiction is not a dispute over science; it is a deliberate fraud.