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Greenhouse Gases Do Not Exist

Only Incompetents In Science Assume They Do

Incompetents took over science and duped the public by not providing explanations or evidence for their contrivances. Scientists who criticize get shoved out of science. The public is responsible for the problem, because it promoted the fraud instead of creating accountability.

Every molecule in existence absorbs and emits radiation. To assume some molecules in the air are different is incompetent science.

All organic molecules, like carbon dioxide, absorb energy as fingerprint radiation and emit energy as black body radiation. Fingerprint radiation is caused by stretching bonds; black body radiation is caused by the vibration of molecules.

It is an absolute truism that a small amount of something cannot heat a large amount of something without extreme differences in temperature. A few parts per million carbon dioxide in the air is never going to influence the temperature of the atmosphere for this reason.

There is no science to climatology, because climate is too complex and random for significant science. So fakes in climatology contrived their results using publications without methodology which could be used for correcting their errors.

Thousands of studies on something that does not exist only shows the deteriorated state of science. The constant harping on temperatures shows the lameness. Weather is not climate; it always changes. The nonscientists who promote the cause do not know that climate is extremely varied between ice ages which have been short duration lately, where ocean temperatures change 6C and sea level changes 400 feet over a mere 15 thousand years. Getting Greenhouse Wrong

Not to mention the fact that temperature data was contrived. Measurements show no significant temperature change, but the data was adjusted making earlier temperatures lower to show an increase. When the Senate investigated, someone said the reason is because measurements used to be made in the afternoons, and now they are made in the mornings. It shows there was no excuse, because only highs and lows are relevant, and numerous reads are needed to determine highs and lows; besides the fact that every station would not be changing at the same time or telling anyone if they were.

The reason why the temperature graph has been flat for twenty years, which climatologists cannot explain, is because there never was an increase. Lowering earlier measurements was a one-time manipulation, and present temperatures cannot be altered, because the excuses ran out.

It means the endless harping on temperatures is not only irrelevant, it is based on fake data. The fact that there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas means that whatever is happening, it is not caused by greenhouse gases or human activity.

Such bad habits in science were picked up from physics which has not been real science since the contrivance of Joule's measurement in 1845. Physics is so abstract and difficult to produce that it could not be verified and corrected properly allowing incompetents to prevail. Einstein was an idiot serving only as a public image for corrupt physicists who designed his results. He originated nothing, which is why he started out in a patent office instead of a physics lab. He never spent a minute in a laboratory, as if imagination were the source of science.

What we see to this day is that most physicists have never seen a copper wire, so they don't know the limits of their imagined subject. They claim to have measured motion down to 0.1 atto meters with fake gravity wave measurements. That's 100 million times smaller than the vibration of atoms. It's a noise to signal ratio of 100 million to one. Physicists didn't notice the contradictions in their contriving.

Real scientists were brushing off the stupidity of greenhouse gases since 1850. But contrivers wouldn't give up in imagining greenhouse gases. By the 1970s, science was so deteriorated that global warming came to the surface through fake publications which broke all rules of science by not describing methodology which could be criticized by opponents. The Historical Development Of Science Fraud


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