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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

The Need for Irrationality Replaces Constructivity

Persons who are incapable of producing rationality due to an absence of objective reality in their heads feel left out and left behind by rationality. They have a terrible need to not be left out, and the only way they can meet that need is to eradicate rationality.

They lash out at the rationality which they are not a part of assuming that if it doesn't exist it won't leave them out. Isn't there something missing in the way that logic adds up? There sure is; it's the missing objective reality in their heads that prevents them from evaluating properly.

Without rationality, there is no constructivity. But without objective reality and rationality, there is no awareness of the relationship between rationality and constructivity; so supposedly irrationality is the answer to everything.

If nothing exists but irrationality, then it is important to get irrationality just right, and there are right ways and wrong ways to produce irrationality, and there are responsibilities in making sure irrationality is produced. To do something constructive is a waste of time, because it is not properly producing irrationality.

This line of logic goes with so-called small government and deregulation. Government and its results just get in the way of irrationality, as does real science based upon evidence which must be rationally evaluated instead of picked up from like-minded persons.

The waste of renewable energy and electric vehicles and the impossibility of self-driving cannot be explained to irrational persons, because they don't get their reality through evaluation; they borrow it from like-minded persons.

One of the things that convinces irrational persons that rationality is a total waste is that a large part of rationality and constructivity is abstract. This means constructivity starts with acquiring knowledge and using it for evaluation. If those things don't exist, then constructive persons must be wasting their time on knowledge and evaluation.

A large part of what irrationality is is an absence of any ability to grasp abstract reality. It's like green Martians looking through a telescope at humans and wondering why they waste so much time in libraries.

If irrational persons look into abstract subjects, they can only muddle around and corrupt the subjects. So they assume no one else can do anything other than muddle and corrupt abstract subjects. Rational persons are supposedly corrupting the social order by muddling around in abstract subjects.

Irrational persons think they are getting somewhere without producing results, because their purpose is not to produce results but to meet their psychological need to not be left out. It's a religion—perhaps not exactly like other religions but meeting most criteria for what religion is.

The purpose of irrational persons is most noticeably a religion in science because of the contrast between the objective requirements and misdirected activity. Going through meaningless motions is acceptable, because it gets them there—not where science is supposed to get to but where they are trying to go, which is not being left out.

The meaninglessness of the results is only the starting point of the purposeless activity of irrational persons. As one thing leads to another, the result rapidly builds into full blown power mongering.

If it isn't a racket, it doesn't get incompetent persons where they want to be. This problem is the same for renewable energy as it is for corrupt science.

In other words, absence of adequately developed objective reality results in an opposition to constructivity. Constructivity is replaced with imagined value for purposeless power mongering. It's an anti state of existence. Opposition is supposedly the answer with nothing to replace it with.

How can anything be produced without constructivity? Empty minded persons assume everything falls into place by accident, and therefore a deliberate effort through constructivity only results in interference with the process.

It's analogous to evolution of physiology. Nature supposedly took care of everything. To try to replace nature would result in failure. Similarly, rationality applied to constructivity is supposedly a disruptive process. Everything is supposed to fall in place as a product of nature not as a product of rationality applied to constructivity. Isn't it surprising that automobiles and jet airplanes didn't fall into place in the thirteenth century, since knowledge is irrelevant to the process.

Corrupters actually assume that better products would be produced and the social order would be improved if rationality were eradicated from the process. They assume rationality is a degenerate trap that fools fall into, and they (the corrupters) are more enlightened seeing the futility of rationality.

This is why corrupters are so self-righteous in their attacks upon rationality and why they are so shameless in producing irrationality. They assume rationality is a corruption.

Irrationality is promoted by corrupt persons, because they are jealous of rational persons. Nothing stirs the jealousy of corrupters more than signs of rationality which they are incapable of producing.

Corrupters set themselves up for jealousy by building themselves up and becoming intolerant of any contradiction to their claims. The inevitable contradictions demolish their fakery setting off their jealousy.

Out of Contact with Objective Reality

What one notices first about irrational persons is that they are out of contact with objective reality. They can't describe anything properly and they don't care. They don't care, because they don't know what objective reality is.

Instead of acquiring objective reality they depend upon a substitute reality which they pick up from other like-minded persons. Instead of the substitute reality being improved by aligning upon objective reality, it grows unrealistically with no relationship to objective reality.

This process is what characterizes the social fantasies related to global warming and renewable energy. Those fantasies get more and more absurd day by day. Scientists are ignored and defied in contriving alternative reality.

An example is the claim that hurricanes are caused by global warming. Scientists keep saying they are not, while fantasizers keep saying they are. Simple math shows that the air would have to cool by 55C to heat the surface of the ocean 2C, while the total heating caused by humans was only supposed to be 0.7C so far.

You would think that persons who have nothing for reality but shared contrivances would be somewhat humble in their opinions. But quite the opposite seems to be true. They are so sure they could not possibly be wrong that they set out on a mission to exterminate all opposition. This includes criticism. Criticism is supposedly a threat to the perfect truth which they promote.

Opposition to criticism should be viewed as a self-condemning attitude, as no one who promotes truth and rationality has any problem with criticism. Truth improves with criticism. It is only the vulnerability of fake reality that cannot tolerate criticism.

A closely related problem that they have is putting their subjective opinions on a pedestal. An opinion could be anything, but subjective is not. Subjective is clearly definable, and there is no place for it in social discourse. It's vastly different from valid criticism due to the process.

Valid is a process, not an opinion. Being wrong is nothing, because it is the process that determines the result.

Irrational persons will not use a valid process, because doing so condemns them and exposes their fraudulent standards as well as their stupidity. The only valid process in social discourse is explaining claims. With that process, corruption cannot survive, and truth always increases.

How Fantasizing Works

Fantasizing is a power mongering tool. It is therefore vastly different from a rationality tool.

With rationality, details are important and are studied scrupulously. With fantasy power mongering, details get in the way and are scoffed.

That's a lot of difference. It's like a big flag hoisted above a building saying, we are no longer interested in rationality, we are now fantasizing.

Society is doing nothing other than fantasizing now days, which shows up in global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles and self-driving. Information just gets in the way, as the fantasies expand day by day.

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