Science is Broken

Gary Novak


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Junk Science Replaced Real Science

A standard routine has developed with global warming, where numbers are altered in some way to improve them. It's not science until the numbers are acquired through measurement without alteration. If the fakes can't measure it, they aren't producing science. They always get the result they want in contradiction to original data and principles of science.

Real science requires methodologies which are vastly different than what has developed recently. Methodologies are required which remove opinions from measurement processes. Such methodologies are disappearing from science.

There is little real science being produced, because incompetents pushed their way into science and are shoving out real scientists. Real science is not an opinion. It requires verifiable fact. Frauds are not using verifiable methods.

Verifiable science is not just a method of proving; it's a method of quantitating. Standards involving controls and references are needed for quantitation; and they also verify. Opinions do not produce real quantitation.

In other words, fakes are starting with a purpose, slopping around in the subject and then producing opinions aligned upon their purpose. The difference isn't a complaint; it's a methodology.

A major example is Stanley Prusiner doing a dozen junk science tests to prove that Mad Cow Disease is caused by a protein without genetic material. There aren't tests on the shelf for producing such a result. Later, other scientists could not reproduce his results. It's not science when it is not reproducible. Nor when it contradicts hundreds of years of previous science. There has to be verifiable measurements with consistent logic, before previous knowledge can be contradicted.

For example, Prusiner would expose a test sample to ultra violet radiation and find that it is still infective. Since UV destroys DNA, he said the disease does not have DNA. Having the Cub Scouts do it in a basement would have been as credible. All such tests require endless measurements to determine how the results occur for different species under all conditions used. Like comparing several species of bacteria and viruses with all possible dosages of UV to determine their infectivity afterwards. Several laboratories would have needed a decade of time to do that. One laboratory doing that in a few months could not have been anything but fraud.

But Prusiner got a Nobel prize for his junk science, so critics are supposedly wrong and he is right. Bureaucrats now do dozens of such junk science studies, all proving Prusiner to be right and his critics wrong.

Such standards are highly visible in global warming. Ice cores were found to be worthless in measuring carbon dioxide levels in the past. So some frauds said they solved the problems by doing it real fast. A microsecond would not have been fast enough, if there were anything real to be measured. And then they prevent critics from studying the subject.

All science is reducing down to the assumption that a good guess is the only responsible way to get a result with the limitations at hand. If they don't have the time and money to produce real science, guessing at the results is nothing but fraud.

Scientists are pretending that they are such wizards with chemistry and physics that they can create a test off the top of their heads which shows unquestionable results. They don't know that chemical energy is in the orbit of electrons around nuclei; they don't know that kinetic energy cannot be represented with velocity squared and they don't know that radiant energy cannot be packaged as particles. And their wizardry is supposed to replace reproducible methodologies. In other words, science is back to the age-old charlatanism and voodooism which it was supposed to replace.