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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

What Life Is


Humans make a lot of decisions about their existence. If they don't know what life is, they will make a lot of decisions which destroy life. If, for example, they thought life is polluting the planet, they would need a correction on that. If they think life is a continuous war against anyone who is vulnerable, they might not be as successful as some seem to assume.

Scientists can never agree upon a definition for biological life. One of the big questions is whether a virus is living. Some scientists say it is living because it has genetic material. But a virus cannot do anything with that genetic material on its own; it must invade a metabolizing cell before it can reproduce.

Getting stumped at the starting point prevents scientists from looking at more complex elements of the definition life. The evolution of life covers the broadest elements of life. It shows how life forms are shaped by their interaction with their environment. Ecology shows how life forms are dependent upon environments for nutrients and protection.

The best definition of life that encompasses all elements of life is quite philosophical. Life most definitively is ordered complexity. Death is disordered complexity. It means, humans must be improving ordered complexity if they are to live without destroying themselves.

Improving ordered complexity is easy to understand and describe. Thinking persons have been explaining this subject for thousands of years. The result is the promotion of truth, knowledge, understanding, rationality, constructivity and problem solving. It's why the courts demand the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Now days, a lot of persons seem to think the courts got it wrong, and maybe the courts can be abandoned. Some persons seem to think the education system doesn't need to educate; all it needs to do is produce better ass kissers for power mongers.

The definition of life corrects the errors. Life cannot be sustained without standards which promote ordered complexity.

Corrupt persons live in a bubble which makes ordered complexity invisible to them. They are absorbed by subjective concerns which close their minds to objective reality. They run into conflict with objective reality, knowing nothing about it, and look for enemies who must be creating their problems.

The destructiveness of corrupt persons shows that sustaining life must be a relationship to objective reality. Objective reality is the medium which humans live in and which sustains life for them. It's like the water to the fish and air to the birds.

That's why it matters whether science is correct or replaced with fraudulent fantasies.


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