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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Lords of Corruption

Incompetent corrupters (power mongers) are lords of corruption in that they need corruption. Nowhere in society does anyone admit that anyone deliberately promotes corruption, yet power mongers do.

Corruption is an anti-reality state. Corrupters oppose what others do and replace it with nothing. They do it for the process, which is mongering power. The results are sacrificed to the process.

But destructivity is not accidental; it is needed as a method of removing control from others and taking over control of the process themselves.

The pattern starts with an inability to function competently. Constructive results place a demand upon competence. Destructivity removes the demand upon competence. So destructivity moves activity out of the hands of rational persons and into the hands of corrupters.

Science shows how the process works. Corruption in science is "nonfalsifiable." This terms is used in science to show the fallacy of an argument which can never be wrong. If it can't be wrong, it is not science. There must always be wrong alternatives to right in science.

Corruption is nonfalsifiable, because there is no wrong way to corrupt something. Therefore, there is no such thing as incompetence where there is corruption.

The most extreme example in science is relativity. It serves no other purpose than creating nonfalsifiable science for incompetent scientists. Millions of lines of relativity equations have been written without an error, because there is no objective reality to the subject.

Renewable energy is the social and political version of relativity. Renewable energy is nonfalsifiable. Money and resources are wasted on clutter which takes down the electrical systems, while the goal is 100% renewable energy. Watching it happen and wasting money on it never change the virtues of the effort, because there can never be a downside to renewable energy.

Renewable energy is a process for putting incompetent corrupters in control of social realities. It's not that the waste, fraud and abuse are irrelevant to corrupters; those are essential elements of the process for removing the subject from the hands of rational persons and putting corrupters in control of the process.

The technicalities are irrelevant to power mongers. They do everything for the motive of putting themselves above everyone else. They live in an unreal state where decadence is trivialized as a tool for the motive.


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