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Modeling Admitted To Be too High

Modelers now admit (September 19, 2017) that they showed too much temperature increase for global warming, since there has been almost no change for several years. But they say global warming is still a problem, just not as much of a problem as they thought it would be.

How do we know that they got any of it right? It shows that modeling is not science. Science has the purpose of producing reliable knowledge. That means reproducible measurements, not guessing.

Supposedly, alarmism is needed to alert the public of the danger of global warming, so something can be done before it is too late. If so, that doesn't make it science. It's no different from the military invasions. Fakes are trying to say that science is just a political process. It isn't. It's the foundation for reality.

The basis of science is supposed to be reproducible measurement, so it can be verified and built upon. Modeling is nothing resembling reproducible measurement, as shown by admitting that global warming modeling was wrong.

There is no such thing as global warming due to greenhouse gases

Not the least problem is that there is no such thing as a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, because heat cannot be trapped in the atmosphere. The second law of thermodynamics says heat dissipates, always, everywhere, no exceptions, including the atmosphere. There cannot be a greenhouse effect with heat dissipating from the atmosphere.

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