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Figures 3-6

4 plates

Figs 3-6. Anomalous differentiation of mycelium of Morchella angusticeps.

Fig. 3. On day 11, a white mycelial disc contained a small amount of brown pigment. Fig. 4. On day 16, a sharp boundary existed around a brown, high density disc. Fig. 5. On day 21, a small amount of black pigment appeared in the center disc. Fig. 6. On day 30, black pigment was extensive in the center disc but did not form outside it. The inoculum was a single germinating ascospore. The petri plate was 138 mm inside diameter.

(Note. The anomaly is a reversion to an ancestral form which occurred at the base of trees during early evolution of the morel. No other mushroom mycelium differentiates significantly on agar. In other words, it stays one color (more or less white) with little for complexities.)

text Fig. 3-6.