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Sociology of Corruption

Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Why Objective Reality Matters

A major cause of corruption is an absence of, or conflict with, objective reality. A lot of persons do not assume objective reality is a necessity.

All human activity must have a pattern to it. Objective reality is that pattern, even in abstract areas. There is an exception: Personal concerns can be subjective and undefined. Some mixing of social and personal realities is no problem, as long as it is not too disruptive of serious concerns.

In other words, there is socialized reality and personalized reality. Socialized reality must be objective, beyond trivial exceptions, while personalized reality can be subjective and objective.


Objective—all reality that exists outside of a one's own mind. Something similar must be constructed inside the mind as knowledge to properly represent external, objective reality.

Subjective—originating inside one's own mind. Values aligned upon realities. Objective realities inside the mind are supposed to originate outside the mind and not be subjective.

People have a right to expect objective reality in social interactions. It frees them from subjective impositions, and it creates the medium for all constructivity.

Constructivity requires objective reality. If, for example, a house is created, everything about the house is defined by objective realities.

The same is true even when objective reality is abstract. Laws are abstract, objective realities. Whether a person should or should not do something is an abstract, objective reality.

Without objective reality, subjective impositions occur. For this reason, objective reality is needed as an escape from subjective impositions. Persons who do not properly develop and use objective reality become imposers of subjectivity onto others. Only the standard of objectivity frees people from such subjective impositions.

It is a major affront and problem to have to deal with someone who will not refrain from subjective impositions and get objective. The classical example is ad hominem attacks. Subjective persons cannot understand what is wrong with ad hominem attack. They cannot understand that people have a right to not have subjectivity imposed onto them.

The right to not have subjectivity imposed stems from the fact that objective reality exists as an alternative to subjectivity, and the alternative allows constructivity, while subjectivity does not. Persons who do not develop objective reality or use it to relate to others do not understand that it creates an alternative to subjectivity, so they do not understand why they cannot impose subjectivity onto others.

For these reasons, corruption includes a develop opposition to objective reality and its use through rationality. Corrupters do not have developed objective reality in their heads, so they feel overwhelmed by the use of objective reality through rationality. They respond by subverting objective reality and rationality. The subversion must be opaque or covert, since all constructivity is based upon objective reality and rationality.

Persons who should know better get sucked into such corruptions. They learn to trivialize, ignore or oppose the objective reality which defines life and is needed to solve problems. There is no way fantasies related to global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and travel to other planets could exist without a disregard for the importance of objective reality.

Corrupters develop such fantasies as a method of mongering power. They need a falsehood to test and develop subservience to corruption. Falsehoods are nonfalsifiable, which means there is no wrong way to screw something up. Corrupters have to replace objective reality with falsehoods as a method of prevailing, because objective reality and rationality expose their incompetence.

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