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Opposition to Objective Reality

Opposition to objective reality is a state of existence for incompetent/corrupt persons. It's life on a different planet, but it's the only planet they know, so they assume objective reality is on a wrong planet.

Life is defined, created and sustain as objective reality. Opposition to it is a form of mental dysfunction. But the dysfunctional persons assume the opposite. Their state is supposedly the only state of existence, so there must be something corrupt about objective reality.

That state is sometimes referred to as living in a bubble, because realities are internalized and inconsistent with objective reality. Motives and subjective concerns shape realities in a bubble. It's looking at reality throgh a lense or filter which changes it's meaning as it enters a corrupt mind.

Corrupters cannot be told. They assume they are the center of the universe and the reference for reality. What flows out of them is assumed to be in their own interest, so it could not possibly be wrong.

Their error is in not knowing that life is defined outside their own minds. They can't understand the concept, because they cannot extend their minds outside their own concerns.

The force which creates the bubble and prevents the minds of corrupt persons from extending into objective reality is the insecurity which incompetence/corruption creates. Internalization creates a safe zone, where conflicts with reality can be pretended away with artificial reality.

Obviously, such a state creates a conflict with objective reality. The degree of conflict is determined by the degree of significance of objective reality. More important objective realities create more conflict. Therefore, trivialization is one of the means of managing the conflict.

The conflict can be managed from either side of the bubble/planet. There is often an attempt to get along and go along by reducing the conflict. Such tactics as trivializing reality is one method of reducing the conflict.

Managing the conflict requires a reduction in significance of objective reality. The result is somewhat like tolerating more crime, as there is less life possible with reduced objective reality. People pay a price for selling out objective reality. As corruption increases, objective reality gets less and less a part of the process.

The process of diminishing objective reality to facilitate incompetent/corrupt standards results in corruption taking over society. Fools will make such claims as science being self-correcting. Without objective reality, there is no concept of what correct should be. Science, and all other social entities, are being overwhelmed by corruption, which would not be possible without a deterioration of objective reality.

Isolation from Accountability

The bubble around unrealistic persons is artificially contrived through power mongering. Power mongers promote the isolation needed for contradicting objective reality. In power circles, there is a culture oriented around falsified reality. False or contrived realities are protected by culturally constructing a wall of insulation to facilitate the unreal state of reality which incompetent/corrupt persons need as a substitute for objective reality.

The artificially constructed bubble is dependent, first and foremost, upon isolation from accountability to critics who would be questioning. With no one to answer to, contrivance gets extreme.

The corruption of science is the most definitive example of constructing a wall around contrived reality. With no accountability to anyone else, such absurdities as inflation are pretended into science. Since inflation is the most simple and extreme example of the consequence, here is a summary:

Throughout most of the 20th century, physicists derived the distance across the universe with a final conclusion of it being about 13.5 billion light years (BLY) away from the earth in all directions (the outer distance that telescopes would reach). This number also represents the age of the universe as 13.5 billion years. The entire basis for the claim is that it takes about 13.5 billion years for light from the most distant galaxies to get to earth, and their distance away is 13.5 BLY away.

There is a lot of idiocy to such fakery which no longer stands up to criticism. Since physicists include the "big bang" concept as everything starting at a small point (approximately where the earth is located), how long did it take for all matter to get from the big bang to the outer edges of the universe? No time was allocated to that process. If all matter moved outward at the speed of light, double these numbers. It means no time can be attributed to matter moving outward. So physicists now claim it moved outward in near zero time, and they call this process inflation. There are no laws of physics in matter moving 13.5 BLY in near zero time.

This sequence of contradictions which developed in physics shows how preposterous contrivers get when insulated from all accountability. To a lesser extent, power mongers do something similar in contriving reality with no accountability.

The major social fantasies of global warming, renewable energy, carbon free electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets were contrived in conflict with rationality due to no accountability, much like the synthesis of inflation in physics.

You might think there is accountability in society for these social fantasies. Not to long ago, when these fantasies started to take form, there was a little accountability, as rational engineers pointed out the contradictions. The engineers were ignored, as the fantasies steamrolled over society. Very instrumental was the internet.

You might think the internet creates accountability. The opposite is true. From the very beginning, the first concern of power mongers was stripping accountability from the internet. In part, it was done by making web sites of social critics invisible. Now days, it is done by allowing no questioning of contrivances. The web sites which do the most contriving do not even have email addresses visible. The others do not respond when they do. In other words, the internet is a railroad job which allows contrivances to be promoted like never before with no accountability being allowed.

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