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Sociology of Corruption

Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


One Truth

Truth is the communicated representation of objective reality. The communication process gives truth the power to defeat evil. It's an objective power that belongs to no one but the universe.

There is only one truth. An example of what it means is that one and one equals two, and nothing else.

The reason why it matters is because corrupters are continually trying to produce a different version of reality which erases their corruption and blames scape-goats. Their version of reality doesnít wash. So they use improper communication attempting to change the truth.

Corrupters do not recognize the existence of proper communication. Their improper communication is like a used-car scam. But itís worse, because a scammer knows the difference between proper and improper. Corrupters promoting improper communication donít know the difference.

Proper communication allows people to evaluate the truth for themselves. For evaluation, claims need to be explained. There needs to be specifics, which means describing the actual problem or using concrete examples that apply to the claims.

Corrupters use improper communication trying to railroad a subject. They float over the surface of a subject with superficialities which are easy to lie about. Their opinion substitutes for everyone else's opinion. Values are expressed through good or bad adjectives. We just have to take their word for it, because there is nothing for anyone else to evaluate without specifics.

These differences are too abstract for corrupters to understand. So they assume reality is up for grabs. If someone produces truth which they donít like, they assume they can change the reality. Attempting to change reality through corrupt communication is obnoxious, but corrupters donít know it.

If the purpose is to produce the one truth which no one can change, proper communication standards are needed. When the purpose is to falsify the truth, improper communication standards are needed. If communication doesn't have the purpose of producing truth, what is its purpose supposed to be? Any other purpose is fraud, because corrupters pretend to be producing truth.

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