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Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Why Prejudice and Bigotry

Warped thought patterns and values start with an absence of objective reality in minds causing concerns to shrink into a subjective bubble. Objective reality is the size of the universe. It defines existence because it is existence.

Being cut off from the objective universe makes life problematic and self-contradictory. To get anywhere requires prevailing by dominating, which is not constructive. Beside the imposition upon others, the total subjectivity is a disconnect from the medium of functionality.

An objective state of existence is replaced with scheming. Everything is viewed in terms of us vs. them. Us means a collection of like-minded schemers. Them means everyone else.

Persons who exist in that state do not know that there is an objective state of existence. When objective persons evaluate and describe objective reality, the assumption of subjective schemers is that contrivance is occurring. Why should one person's contrivance be any better than anyone else's?

This is why subjective schemers never explain and do not accept explanations. To them, there is no such thing as representing objective reality. Explaining is viewed as condescending. Supposedly, someone who is trying to explain something is trying to overwhelm others with arrogance.

There is no such thing as proof for the same reason. Proof is a verifiable set of relationships between realities. Realities do not have relationships in the absence of objective reality.

What then is prevailing? It is overwhelming opponents with force. Since there is no constructive way to overwhelm others with force, a battle develops between right and wrong. There are right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things by objective and constructive criteria.

For these reasons, corrupters are very self-righteous in their corruptions. They assume there is no other way to do things, while someone is insisting their is. The persons who insist on the difference between right and wrong are viewed as a confusing threat to existence.

On this basis, corrupters fight a concealed and self-righteous war against rational and constructive existence. They keep trying to convince us that corruption is virtue. They lose so laughably that they have to go underground with their purpose. The purpose shows up in the results with very little explanation.

Persons who are not so corrupt keep wondering why some persons produce nonconstructive results with no logic or explanations. These are the reasons why.

These forces are creating social deterioration. A lot of persons who should know better lower their standards because it is demanded of them. They are not allowed to do real criticisms or explain objective reality as evidence, so they don't.

At these standards, social fantasies are replacing reality with fakeries related to global warming, renewable energy, carbon free electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets. The objective realities of these subjects are buried, while subjective contrivance is promoted.

Real criticism must be an objective description of evidence. Nothing resembling it is allowed in social discourse at this time. There is not a conscious plan to exterminate objective reality or criticism; it's an inability to relate to objective reality. Anyone who does is assumed to be producing corruption, as objective reality does not exist in the awareness of corrupt persons.

The criterion for right and wrong without objective reality is who it is that says so. Corrupters pick their sources for reality on the basis of who has similar motives. They don't all agree, so groups in conflict with each other develop.

Objective reality would put an end to that insanity, but it has to exist first. It used to exist to some extent adding rationality to society. Rationality is being stripped from the social order by persons who have no concept of what objective reality is.

In other words, absence of objective reality in minds creates an opposing mentality to objective reality. It's due to jealousy and threat. Corrupters do not want someone else going into things which they cannot handle, and persons who do expose the incompetence and corruption of corrupters. So there is a lot of force with opposition to the use of objective reality for criticism and solving problems.

These forces shrink the bubble that corrupters surround themselves with. For white supremacists, there is no place in their bubble for anyone who is not a striving, white bigot. Any differences create conflicts which they cannot handle. The conflict that results with the rest of society is met with increased determination to exclude the persons who create the differences which racists cannot handle.

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