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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

Proper Methods of Handling Realities


Incompetent corrupters are turning social realities to mush, and the problems are not getting fixed. How do you describe reality mush? That's the task here.

There are required standards for handling reality properly, of course. Corrupters are pretending that anything goes. They will not adhere to proper standards. Proper is not a set of values. Just as with engineering, non-proper destroys the result. Even worse, it destroys the stuff in minds. It's an insult to rational persons to have someone trying to turn their head into garbage.

It isn't just the social fantasies related to global warming and renewable energy, which would not be possible without reality mush. The same standard is taking over a large part of journalism. And not just the peripheral journalism found on the activist web sites. A large percent of main stream media is the same reality mush. Traditional journalists who have learned proper standards still exist, but they are getting to be few and far between.

Reality mush is required for getting to incorrect end-points. The classic example is electric autos. A Swedish study concluded that producing the batteries puts as much CO2 in the air as driving a regular auto for eight years. And that's just the beginning. I explain elsewhere how 60-90% of electrical energy is lost before getting to the vehicles. There is no real logic to electric vehicles. They are nothing but expensive toys for the rich and can never be anything other than that. Yet governments pay thousands of dollars for each electric vehicle, as if it were saving mankind from something. That's only possible by turning reality into mush. Too many persons live by the reality mush.

If proper methods of handling reality were required in all public discourse, global warming would not exist as a social concept, renewable energy would have been laughed away decades ago, and electric vehicles would never have been brought out of the oblivion that engineers left them in. Society could have been finding real answers to real problems instead, such as organic food produced through drip irrigation and cheap and safe nuclear reactors. But incompetents can only produce reality mush; they can't produce answers to problems.

The elements of proper handling of reality obviously start with providing the necessary information needed to evaluate a subject. Fake journalists play an information game. They want you to follow their story for several days to find out what the story is about, while they dribble tidbits of information out.

Fakes do journalistic photos in a similar manner—totally devoid of information. They could get by with about five photos. One showing police standing around, another showing red lights flashing, another showing crumpled airplane parts, etc.

Such photos show a major element of mush reality—a total absence of the context needed to create meaning. The same is true of maps. If you want to find out something about the location of some place, you can't search that name, because you won't get enough context to show where it is located or anything around it. You have to find a name for the broad area around the location.

The standard elements of rationality start with the need to explain claims. Without explanations, words can mean anything. Multiple possible meanings create the standard word game—one meaning one place, and a different meaning someplace else.

A more difficult requirement is to properly represent cause-and-effect relationships. Is electricity cheaper than gas because it is more efficient, as implied, or other reasons? Fakes start at the desired end-point and contrive numbers to get there. They can get any set of numbers to justify their position in contempt for the laws of physics.

An example of the fakery is to claim that GMOs improve yield and are necessary to feed the world. There is always a reduction in yield, since the purposes relate production convenience. The typical yield is 70% of non-GMOs, the simple reason being that nature uses infinite complexity to optimize survival, and human disruption is always a reduction in optimum. Fake numbers are used to show the opposite, when the original purpose is never to improve yield.

Twisted logic says, if GMOs can get rid of weeds easier, yields will improve. No way. Cultivation gets rid of weeds better and improves the ground by breaking up the crust on the surface. But the convenience of GMOs allows more acres to be farmed by a single person by eliminating the need to cultivate.

Usually, twisted logic is skipped over in outright lying. Authorities in science prefer to lie with no explanation, since obfuscation removes all criticism and accountability.


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