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Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Why Progressive

Progressive means solving problems while including everyone in the social order. Some of the tasks are quite abstract, such as producing justice in the courts. More rudimentary is producing technology. Using the products of technology to solve problems is an objective test of constructivity.

In producing a product, standards are required based on objective reality. The products only work when aligned with the laws of nature. This means producing products creates standards.

Conservatives do the opposite. They try to talk their way into success, while their deeds are the opposite of their words.

It is said that actions speak louder than words. The actions tell the truth about the words. In fact, the words can be omitted, and the actions say the same thing.

Actions can be misrepresented or lied about. Wars are often said to be the answer to something. So-called freedom fighters were supposedly creating freedom by fighting a war against farmers in Nicaragua.

Creating products doesn't have that problem. The products either work or they don't. Some imagining is temporarily possible, such as the claim that renewable energy is solving society's problems. But time gradually corrects the falsehoods, as renewables bankrupt economies and force a reversion back to traditional energy sources.

In other words, a product that has to function for a constructive purpose straightens out the truth about standards of constructivity. Laws of nature always prevail over lies, when something complex has to work properly. The mismanagement of nuclear reactors show the price of incompetence.

The more demanding the products are, the more demanding the standards are which are required for producing them. Steve Jobs was up against social problems as demanding as the technical problems in creating the smart phone. He had to fight tooth and claw against opponents every step of the way. (Rational persons considered him to be nice and friendly.) The reason is because the incompetents who push their way into power create obstacles to progress. Getting the products produced requires correcting the standards.

In this way, producing products corrects social standards. Doing this is liberal as well as progressive, because it widens the social order to include more persons. The essence of liberalism is to include more persons in the benefits of social activities. Conversely, the austerity of conservatives removes people from the benefits of the social order. If it is not being done for the people, who is it being done for and why?

Government by Dictatorship

Government by dictatorship shows what the opposite of progressive is. Instead of rationality to solve problems, control through fear and intimidation.

Reductionistic government seems attractive to some persons, because it makes claims without the burden of explanations. The bliss of ignorance will supposedly produce a flawless result.

Chaos is viewed as a superior standard by some persons. Chaos is achieved by striking out randomly at opponents removing rationality from ordered existence. It's the absence of specifics that can be pinned down as explanations that prevents rationality from replacing chaos.

The promoters of chaos over rationality firmly believe that rationality is the cause of problems and darkness is the answer. If it doesn't come out of nowhere with them arbitrating the result, it isn't truth or intelligence.

Reducing reality to rubble is the first task of chaos promoters. Lies and contradictions have the purpose of removing reality as an obstacle in their path to get what they want out of life with no ability to handle reality in a competent manner. The purpose is defined by the result rather than the process.

Detached Solutions to Problems

The divergent approach to solving problems stems from a detached relationship to reality. Irrational persons are certainly driven to solve their problems, but they are devoid of real mechanisms due to an absence of objective reality. They don't know that there is such a thing as objective reality. So they assume that problems only exist because someone wants them to exist, and all they have to do is not want them to exist.

The net result is to identify problems and will them away instead of going through processes that would actually work. Willing problems away is like throwing rocks at them. Corrupters don't understand what rational persons have been doing for the past five thousand years, and supposedly throwing rocks at problems is the first attempt anyone has made to solve them.

Implications Instead of Words

Corrupters must argue through implications, because words defeat them. If words defeat them, they need to be defeated, because words clarify.

What are implications? They are really weird things. They are constructed tangentially to be used/misused later. The word game is a micro example. Define a word in a logical way, and then misuse the word giving it the wrong meaning in application. Making improper associations of that nature is what implications are.

No Such Thing as Corruption

Since corrupters know of no other method of doing things than through corruption, they assume there is no such thing as corruption. How can corruption be corruption, if it is the only possible standard to exist? Yet they assume there is something extremely wrong about the approach of their enemies. It couldn't be corruption, because they cannot understand corruption. Corruption is as complex as the complexities which it replaces or destroys.

What then is wrong with the enemies of corrupters? There is no analysis. The wrongs are supposed to be self-evident. Rational persons expect some explanation for being attacked, but none ever exists. There are all sorts of subjective something in attacks, but subjective nonsense is never an explanation.

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