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Power Mongering Replaced Real Science

Whatever science is getting wrong, it is being done through a corrupt power structure. Power structures are in conflict with the rationality required to produce objective reality.

Power is that way. It is incompatible with rationality. The simple reason is because power by definition is the use of force to overwhelm reality.

Why would scientists be that way, when everyone else is so perfect? Because incompetents push their way into social structures and use them for mongering power as a method of getting more out of life than their incompetence produces. Science is about the most demanding activity in society in terms of complexity and required standards. Therefore, scientists are less likely to meet the demands than elsewhere. Yet strangely, there is a social norm being imposed upon science critics which says science is self-correcting and producing a perfect result; so any criticism is an attack upon something sacred.

Sacred is what corrupt science is all about. Strip rationality and objective reality from any subject, and religion is all that remains. Religion is the default position in human interactions, not an advanced analysis. The challenge of religion is to improve what already exists. The task of fake religions is to monger ever more power.

Worship is the highest standard of corrupt science, not exactness of standards. Einstein is being used for no other purpose. When some fake achievement is announced in science, the ultimate explanation is that Einstein predicted it. Five hundred years of evolved knowledge in science can show the fraud, but Einstein's ability to predict trumps all else in science. Einstein never entered a laboratory or made a measurements, which means he was not a scientist, and religion is the purpose of fake science.

Incompetent wannabes in society who promote science as religion use peer review as the test of validity. Supposedly, peer review purifies science. There is no such thing as purifying science. The attempt to do so is nothing but crass power mongering. The attempts to purify science move science out of the rationality domain and into the religion domain—not to mention the fact that peer review is nothing more than a selection process for the power structure, and reviewers seldom have a clue on the subjects they are looking at.

In power structures, perfection is deriving reality from a dark pit with no visible origins or explanation of evidence. Einstein's predictions meet those needs. Once rationality is added to the subject, evidence and explanations are imperfections which corrupt the result. Only an absence of evidence and rationality meet the demands for perfection.

Power mongering requires a process based on domination creating a hierarchical structure. Elitism and bigotry are the methods used to create verticalness in power structures. These purposes destroy any objective purpose that power mongers take over. Objective science cannot be produced when the motives are aligned upon domination, elitism and bigotry. (Bigotry is the assumption that power is virtue and powerlessness is corruption.)


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