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Quantum Mechanics Fallacy

The entire concept of quantum mechanics is in error at the starting point. There is no quantum of energy involved, because light does not produce photons of energy. Physicist know there is a contradiction in logic involved, but they promote the error instead of correct it.

They say light has the contradictory properties of existing both as a wave and a particle. The contradiction stems for the assumption that there are packets of energy in light. There can't be such packets of energy. Every concept of physics and energy are contradicted by such packets.

The energy of light is known to decrease with the square root of the distance that it travels. In other words, the waves expand, which dilutes the energy. Yet the packets of energy supposedly stay unchanged.

The reason why light is said to contain packets of energy is because the wavelength has to be just right to give electrons the amount of energy which they need to promote chemical reactions. Supposedly, each wavelength has a different size of packets of energy.

That logic is extremely preposterous, as the recognized contradictions indicate. It seems that any scientists could correct the logic, because it is not at all inconspicuous why wavelength determines the ability of electrons to gain energy from light. Wavelength is the same as frequency. The frequency of light has to be just right to bump electrons on one side of their orbit. If electrons are bumped on both sides of their orbit, one effect cancels the other. Only if electrons are bumped on one side can their motion be increased.

There are no packets of energy involved when light adds energy to electrons by bumping them on one side of their orbit only.