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Radiative Transfer Equations Are A Theoretical Impossibility

The hinge-point of global warming science is the use of Radiative Transfer Equations to calculate the amount of heat produced from a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. There is no theoretical way to use such equations, because the complexities cannot be theorized.

The claimed method is to calculate the amount of radiation being emitted and absorbed for numerous slices of the atmosphere. The radiation is calculated using the Stephan-Boltzmann Constant (SBC). That constant is designed for the surface of opaque solids which are vastly different from transparent gases in emission of radiation. Transparent gases are infinitely variable in temperature, pressure and chemistry, which prevents a constant from being used for their emissions. But physicists do not allow themselves to be hindered by theoretical impossibilities, so they contrived fake procedures. In this case, they apply the SBC to the atmosphere in spite of total inappropriateness.

On top of that, the SBC is off by a factor of 20-50 at normal temperatures and misses the radiation being emitted from the surface of the earth by a factor of about 40 showing 79% of the energy leaving the surface of the earth to be in the form of radiation. A white hot light bulb could not emit that much radiation without a vacuum environment.


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