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Self-driving Is So Absurd it Exposes Others Frauds


There has been no visible progress in self-driving for several years. Yet self-driving is supposedly going to replace most of what exists for transportation in the next few months. The future is always where the magic lies in promoting frauds.

It is said that the process now consists of driving around and collecting data. That isn't what intelligence is. Artificial intelligence is supposed to be superior to human intelligence and do what humans cannot do. If someone is driving from Chicago to Cleveland, and they have never been in Ohio, do they need to collect data on Ohio first? Why not just teach autos how to drive and forget the collection of data? Because the idiots don't have a clue as to what they are doing. Self-driving is not a technology, it's a power mongering tool based on fakery which never ends.

Removing carbon dioxide from the air is the pretext for some social fantasies, but self-driving has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. So why self-driving? The only explanation given is that it will reduce accidents. Some of us disagree, but regardless, no one spends that much money to reduce accidents. If that were really the purpose, there are better ways to save lives, like maybe drug prevention.

Self-driving has already hit a brick wall of contradictions with technology and hasn't made real progress for several years, while the fantasizing keeps going on. The brick wall is a combination of human minds not having the slightest ability to evaluate that much complexity, and closely related to it is that computers will never have enough space or power to begin to handle the human mind-mush.

The disconnect from reality is visible in recent claims that vehicles driving down the road are collecting data on the driving environment. To assume that such information should be stored and evaluated is insane. To move in that direction shows that there is no real concept of what self-driving is supposed to be. A vehicle which can't determine what to do in a new environment isn't self-driving. Such a procedure would be extremely dangerous. What happens when the information is not reliable? It will always be unreliable for many reasons. Why rely upon something that cannot be reliable? It could only increase accidents rather than decrease them.

There is a second reason for self-driving in a few cases. For those companies that hire drivers, supposedly an absence of drivers will save them money. But that doesn't explain why anyone else would want self-driving. Passengers don't have any more fun in automobiles than drivers have, and cheap entertainment doesn't justify the social upheaval being planned for self-driving.

So there is a new breed of liberals in silicone valley who want to put blue collar workers out of work, while conservatives want more blue collar workers. There has to be ulterior motives for that.

No matter how much pretending is done, nothing explains why self-driving is being promoted at all, and yet it gets to be more and more of a concern by the day, as if saving mankind were the purpose. There is a very strong force with the motives. It is obviously the same force and motive for the rest of the social fantasies: Incompetent corrupters need causes that are irrational to eliminate their conflict with reality. When screwing things up is the purpose, there is no wrong way to screw something up. So there is no wrong way to contrive social fantasies. It puts incompetents in control of our lives, where they would have little influence otherwise.

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