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Self-Driving Is A Fraud

The promoters of self-driving are trying to take down the safety barriers which governments impose upon them. The reason why the concern is fraud is the element of misrepresentation, which is visible in the communication.

What we are being told so far is that drivers must take over the process about 20% of the time in cities. Change that number to at least 99.999% self-driving before telling us what the safety is. They say millions of miles go without an accident. That's not a relevant question. The question is how many busy intersections they go through, not how many miles on a freeway they covered. To not be talking about the intersections shows they are pulling something off.

One of the main problems is intersections. The things have a problem with right-hand turns, because human evaluation is needed for that. There are infinite other complexities of similar concern.

So the promoters say they are acquiring data on routes. They are doomed to failure if they need data on routes. Humans don't need data on routes. What happens when conditions change? Relying on something that is not reliable is a dangerous situation. Not to mention that computers and their programmers are not capable of digesting that much information.

How much progress have they made over the past few years? None that anyone can explain. It shows that the whole purpose is endless fantasy, as occurred with renewable energy.


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