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Sociology of Corruption


The Sociology of Corruption

The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.
Being incompetent, power mongers cannot handle complexities or technicalities or solve problems.
So they synthesize an unreal state through an exploitive process.
They float above problems on their cloud nine at everyone else's expense.

Power Mongering

The result is a rationality problem. Superficial contriving replaces rationality with no accounting for the underlying physics.

1.  How Power Mongering Works

2.  Why Renewable Energy Will Never Work

3.  Electric Vehicles Won't Scale Up

4.  Auto Propaganda: The Physics Behind The Fraud

5.  How Social Fantasies Replace Science

6.  How Activists Hype Renewables

7.  How Journalists Create Social Fantasies

8.  The Impracticality of Renewable Energy

9.  No Space for Renewables

10.  The Cult Characteristics of Mongering Power

11.  The Sociology of Global Warming

12.  Corruption as an Alternative State of Existence

13.  How Lack of Common Sense Works

14.  The Attitude Problem

15.  A Problem with Abstract Reality

16.  Climbing the Social Ladder is the Test

17.  Defining Corruption vs. Constructivity

18.  The Sociology of the Problem

19.  Opposition to Objective Reality

20.  Why Progressive

21.  What Life Is

22.  Social Realities are being Railroaded by Journalists

23.  Lords of Corruption

24.  Jobs Require Rationality

25.  The Answer to the Energy Problem

26.  How to Pay for Obamacare

27.  Fat is the Price of Sin

28.  Mindlessness of the Green Mentality

29.  Carbon Free Energy—the Moral and Social Meaning

30.  What is the Science of Global Warming?

31.  Why Objective Reality Matters

32.  Uniformity of the Law

33.  One Truth

34.  Subjectivity is Non-Constructive in the Public Medium

35.  Contradictions Show Corrupt Intent

36.  Why Prejudice and Bigotry

37.  Exxon Racketeering

38.  Agriculture Fraud

39.  Dakota Pipeline

40.  Minimum Wage

41.  The Fraud of Tax Give-aways

42.  Irrational Exuberance

43.  Too Much Capital

44.  Misdirected Economy

45.  Fixing the Economy is a Corruption Problem

46.  Bigotry Equals Three Percent Economic Growth

47.  How Absence of Reality Creates Problems

48.  The New Normal

49.  Proper Methods of Handling Realities

50.  The Fictitious Static State

51.  Social Decay

52  Dogmatism is the New Normal

53.  Efficiency Fakery for Electricity

54.  Fakery of the Benefits

55.  The Basis of Validiy

56.  The Need for Irrationality

57.  Self-driving is Absurd

58.  Two States of Existence

59.  The Bliss of Ignorance is the New Normal

60.  Does The Flag Represent White Racism Or Equal Justice For All?

61.  What Rationality Is

62.  Science Requirements


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Dakota Pipeline



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