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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

The Sociology of the Problem

The decadence that visibly overwhelmed politics has been occurring everywhere including science. In science, it is provable; in politics it is not.

If Obama wasn't a brilliant and constructive president, the social problems would be much worse. He can't solve the problems, but he is keeping them from getting as bad as they could be. Of course, he promotes global warming assumptions. Presidents have to represent majority views, and they cannot oppose the bureaucrats who control their realities.

To think that the president or the government is supposed to solve peoples' problems is extremely unrealistic. Problems have to be solved by the public. That's why President Johnson once said, "You convinced me. Now go out and make me do it." The purpose of government is to administer a few programs.

In fact, all social structures are supposed to have objectively defined purposes aligned upon laws. Instead, power mongers take over social structures and use them for control of power. Controlling power is extremely destructive and a misuse of social structures. Incompetent corrupters don't know the difference between objectively doing something and mongering power.

Power is an exertion of force originating in a subjective manner with corrupt persons who don't know that they have no right to impose themselves upon other persons. Power is always in conflict with the laws that society uses to protect people from abuse and corruption.

Science Shows the Consequences

In science, power mongers make a mockery of the standards and purposes required for real science. The public reproduces the resulting frauds with no awareness of the corruption involved.

Trying to remove carbon dioxide from the air shows the consequences. Hell is being turned over, destroying the energy systems and the environment, to remove carbon dioxide from the air, while all life is on the verge of becoming extinct due to a shortage of the CO2 required for photosynthesis. Never in the history of developed biology has there been so little CO2 in the air. The slight increase at this time is greatly improving the growth of plants everywhere.

There is no such thing as greenhouse gases, because there is no such thing as trapping heat in the atmosphere. Absorbed radiation is re-emitted in femto seconds. The phrase "heat trapping gas" is designed by propagandists to stick false concepts in the minds of unwitting persons.

Each CO2 molecule in the air would have to be 2,500°C to heat the air 1°C—an impossibility—because there are 2,500 air molecules around each CO2 molecule. There cannot be greenhouse gases creating global warming for this reason.

An Allegory on Social Structures

Once upon a time there was a group of crockadilions who drove automobiles which had one wheel missing. They couldn't drive on the roads with an axel dragging. So one of them said, we don't have to drive on the usual roads, we can drive on gravel roads. It allowed them to get around a little, but they still had problems. So another one said, we don't have to be restricted to the gravel roads, we can drive through the open fields and have a lot more freedom. It worked better for them, but they still had problems. So another one said, we don't have to be limited to fields, we can drive wherever we want. We can go through fences, through flower gardens, through peoples' yards or anyplace we damn well please. It gave them more freedom, but they had even more problems.

Roads in this allegory represent developed social structures. Over recent decades, conservatives taught society to break away from developed social structures and wing it (deregulation). Conservatives assume that rules get in their way, and they can function better by deciding everything on a whim (freedom fighters). Their problem is that they do not have well developed objective reality in their minds, and their incompetence runs into conflict with rationality and truth. So they assume that no laws should apply to them (They won't act upon appointees. They shut down the government.). Yet they are very dominating in forcing infantile demands upon others (build a wall, make them pay for it).

How to Solve Problems

Everything People do is supposed to solve problems, which means there are a lot of tools available. But a lot of problems remain. It is almost always corruption that causes problems and prevents them from being solved. There is only one thing that significantly ends the corruption. It is the power of truth. Corrupters can bowl over anything but truth.

It seems that truth would be so easy to produce, but there is a lot of counter-philosophy to truth. Corrupters, of course, do everything possible to prevent truth from being produced. Intimidation is a major element of the opposition to truth. It results in a lot of self-censorship.

What is so obvious in the global warming problem is that one of the major obstacles to truth is an unwillingness to find out what is going on. Greens cannot be told. They supposedly know more than I do, while they have never studied an iota of science in their lives.

The public is losing the ability to study a subject. There are procedures involved. Those procedures are the focus of science. A few decades ago, society was highly science educated, which made development of rationality much easier.

This is like teaching people how to color. The first thing that is needed is to find out what opponents have to say. It isn't happening. Then there is an art to skimming through materials without wasting too much time and picking out anything new. Now days, a lot of follow-up is possible by searching the internet, though the internet is being sterilized by haters of truth and knowledge. The official word is all that is visible anymore, and it is getting narrower all the time.

A major corruption is the assumption that a person does not have to understand what he promotes. It's never true. Trump is of course the poster boy for understanding nothing and promoting everything. This problem shows up in the claim that 97% of the scientists agree on global warming. Promoting what someone else knows is a guaranty of corruption.

Rationality is the Procedure

Rationality is the process for producing truth. Rationality is relating one reality to another.

A truism of rationality is that only the method of proceeding matters, not the conclusion. Standards of rationality will determine the difference between forward motion and corruption. Truth will eventually prevail, usually quite rapidly, when rational methodology is followed.

The primary element of rationality that ends corruption is simply providing the explanations and relevant information. Once the information exists, truth becomes undeniable, as readers acquire the freedom to decide for themselves.

Corruption is characterized by its absence of explanations. Isolation from surrounding realities prevents truth about corruption from being produced. In fact, isolation allows corrupt realities (usually slogans) to have a different meaning for every purpose. People can plug in their imagination for the meaning of isolated realities. Then corrupters are for everything that is good and against everything that is bad. The problem is, the results are destructive rather than constructive. Otherwise, truth would be applied through rationality rather than promoting fraudulent slogans.

Producing explanations requires finding out what they are, so it is the purifying process of rationality.

There is No Dispute

There is only one truth. It is produced through rationality. There are any number of falsehoods. They are not produced through rationality.

The process of properly handling reality is rationality. It is a method which results in one version of reality. It removes errors. Maybe not all at once, but gradually and eventually.

Falsehoods are promoted with motives. Rationality is avoided and attacked to promote falsehoods, because falsehoods cannot survive the process of rationality.

What this means is, wherever there is an argument, the process of rationality would determine the result as part of the one truth. And therefore, there is no other valid method of argument but rationality. The use of underhanded methods of imposing falsehoods onto society are not valid and should not be allowed. It's the methodology that determines what is proper in resolving arguments.

Global warming would not exist as a social concern if proper methods of handling the subject were used based upon rationality. The invalid methods of promoting the subject should not be allowed. But there is no valid method of promoting global warming, because it is a falsehood promoted with motives related to mongering power.

No argument needs to exist on the subject. Nothing but proper methods of rationality are acceptable. The subject of global warming cannot exist with proper methods of producing rationality.

One of the major frauds is shoving out scientists who disagree. Science by terrorism is a fraud. It's not how science is produced and should not be allowed.

Another major fraud is the use of ad hominem attacks to obstruct rationality. Subjective concerns cannot be constructively promoted, and there is no place for them is social dialog.

The only valid method of discussing social concerns is rationality. Rationality requires explanation of claims. No falsehoods can survive the process of explaining claims.

A Totalitarian Drift

Social standards are rapidly transforming into totalitarianism. The number one factor is an intolerance of criticism. Criticism is portrayed as some evil, while it is replaced with an absence of explanations.

Totalitarianism is not an alternative view point; it is an absence of a view point. Motives are promoted instead of realities. Realities would evolve truth, which diminishes the power of corrupters. For this reason, corrupters operate in a force medium instead of the reality medium.

The force medium means motives are promoted instead of realities. People must agree to everything corrupters say with no concern for accuracy or relevant concerns.

Totalitarians produce endless irrelevancies to overwhelm with their influence, while they produce no response to criticism. Their responses are brush-offs with contempt for the concerns of others.

At the extremes of totalitarian governments, journalists are the first victims, being thrown in jail for informing the public, as occurring in many countries. In the US, the roots of totalitarianism are taking form at the institutional level, where extremists promote motives in contempt for information and criticism which expose their errors.

Global warming is the most visible example in the US. Anyone in science who does not promote the fakery is shoved out of science and refused grants or the ability to publish. No criticism of the subject is allowed in the media.


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