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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

Two States of Existence

There are two states of existence—corrupt and constructive. Corrupters only recognize one state—the corrupt state—while they degrade everything about constructivity.

The basis of constructivity is doing something for everyone. It's the same as "the good of all." Universality.

"The good of all" must always be based upon universal reality, which is truth. Truth is immutable. It can be improved, but it is as immutable as it is universal truth.

So it is important to understand what truth is. Truth is the communicated representation of unified reality. It is determined by its consistent relationships to surrounding realities, which determine whether it is a part of unified reality.

It means constructive existence is in a domain of unified reality which is the same for everyone. There is no way to get selective without leaving the domain of unified reality. Therefore, all forms of prejudice, bias, racism and privilege become self-destructive.

Corrupters cannot understand this. They assume that shaping selectively in their own interests must be advancing their own interests. It would be like making water available to some fish and not other fish. It would require getting out of the water and creating some alternative. Similarly, selectivity is getting out of the water of life and trying to reconstruct an alternative. It is self-defeating.

Corrupters are totally convinced of the opposite to such an extent that they are trying to save mankind from universal existence which they view as naive. They assume that if everyone is not constantly shielding, limiting, protecting and shaping existence, the result is to throw everything away. They view life like an icecream cone in the sun which will disintegrate on its own without concerted effort to protect it. With that view, they cut themselves off from constructivity and life.

Is the ocean an icecream cone which must be protected from self-disintegration? The way corrupters derive such a stupid assumption is through their own inadequacies. They don't feel competent where everyone is equal. They must have a protected zone where their incompetence can be used for something.


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