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Yellowstone as an Asteroid Strike

The Yellowstone area of Wyoming is being referred to by scientists as a super volcano. It's obviously an asteroid strike.

Super volcanoes are being described as a wide variety of things, but Yellowstone is nothing resembling any of them. It's physically impossible to get a significant volcano out of Yellowstone. It's so ridiculous that it shows the motives for corruption in science.

The Yellowstone formation has nothing resembling a caldera. It's circular shape is so invisible that it wasn't noticed until recently. Being 40 miles in diameter eliminates it as a volcano caldera. There are volcanic lakes that get almost that large, but they are lakes because they are in mountains which create the sides. Yellowstone is flat ground. Volcanoes cannot create a 40 mile diameter caldera on flat ground. The area is bumpy, but that isn't what makes the sides 40 miles across.

A volcano caldera must be formed by lava which flows out of the entire area. Nothing can move up out of the earth over a forty mile area all at once. If the lava comes up in multiple events, they can't form one, circular caldera unless there is an extremely high vertical build-up. Yellowstone has no vertical build-up

Another problem is that the ground around Yellowstone is nothing resembling lava. It's gumbo with steam and water coming out in places. Steam and water do not come out of volcanic lava.

The formation under Yellowstone has been mapped. Such formation is nothing resembling a volcano. There are cavities under Yellowstone which have been migrating westward for hundreds of miles. You don't get volcanoes out of cavities. There has to be a deep enough flow to get hot, melted lava to the surface starting in the liquid core of the earth. There could be traces of volcanic activity with an asteroid strike, but volcanism doesn't explain Yellowstone.

When the asteroid punched a hole in the surface of the earth 40 miles in diameter, debris filled the space back up. The debris would have been a strange mixture of everything that exists near the surface of the earth, which is exactly what Yellowstone is. The asteroid would have gone through the earth and hit the mantle on the other side creating either the Deccan Traps in India or the Siberian Traps in Russia. The event may have caused the most significant extinction of life forms called the Permian-Triassic extinction event of 252 million years ago.


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