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The Common Sense Logic of Global Warming

The concept of greenhouse gases is scientifically absurd for these reasons:

1. Anyone can look out the window and see there is nothing resembling a greenhouse in the atmosphere. In England, a greenhouse is called a glasshouse. It means there has to be glass or plastic with a greenhouse. The purpose is to stop wind currents. There is nothing in the atmosphere to stop wind currents.

2. Carbon dioxide is one molecule in 2,500 in the atmosphere. Anyone should know that one molecule in 2,500 can never heat anything. For humans to cause 1C temperature increase, each CO2 molecule would have to be 2,500C to create an average of 1C—an impossibility.

3. Nothing can trap heat in the atmosphere. If CO2 is trapping heat, why isn't every other molecule trapping heat? All of the molecules are heated by the sun's energy, which means so-called greenhouse gases are no different from other molecules. Nitrogen and oxygen acquire most of their heat through conduction, convection and radiation, which are much stronger than radiation.

4. To say trapped heat is delicately balanced is like saying a river is delicately balanced. With 5 times as much CO2 in the air during dinosaur years and 20 times as much when modern photosynthesis began, why is the present amount the delicate balance? Why wasn't the delicate balance during the dinosaur years, and now the imbalance? Shouldn't humans be restoring the balance by putting more in the air?

5. Propagandists are circumstantially implying that radiation absorbed by CO2 would otherwise go into space, and this is what they mean by the gibberish. All of he sun's energy goes into space each day on average. Ignorant persons are imagining a static system where effects are additive. Dynamic systems are not additive.

6. Promoters of the cause say they want temperatures to stay unchanging, but temperatures vary by more than 0.7C every few miles north or south. They say diseases will spread at warmer temperatures. There is no fixed temperature to control diseases. They say they want to grow the maple syrup in Vermont instead of Canada. One persons loss is another person's gain. No one asks the lower classes if they want to spend an additional $200 per month for electricity to lower the temperature 0.7C.


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