Science Errors

Science Errors

How could all those scientists be wrong? They operate in the dark and say, just trust us, with no accountability.

Fraud has a purpose. It puts persons who don't know what they are doing in control.

Global warming is scientifically preposterous because all heat is the same, yet it was only humans who supposedly created the problem, as if there never were heat in the atmosphere before. You say it was delicately balanced? It cools massively during ice ages and warms in between—at precisely every 100 thousand years. The last ice age started 100 thousand years ago...   Chatty Description


Gravity Waves Contrived with Fake Measurements

A recent claim of measuring gravity waves shows total fakery. Minute effects were said to be measured at levels of millions and billions of times below the capabilities of technology. A motion of 0.1 atto meters by a mirror was said to be measured by reflecting a laser beam off it. That distance is 2.87 billion times smaller than the distance between iron atoms in steel...   Read More


Six Proofs that Global Warming Science was Contrived

The foundational publications on global warming science were total fakery. Most climatologists don't know it. The fakery is so muddled that scientists can't figure it out. But the fraud can be proven through conflicts with established science. Proof is proof no matter what happened decades ago.

Of the heat in the atmosphere, 99.76% gets there through other means than carbon dioxide. The remaining 0.24% is irrelevant. It will do whatever the other 99.76% does...   Read More



To solve the problems of wars, economy and health care, it's necessary to start at the beginning. The beginning is the rationality of science.

How Social Fantasies Replace Science


Science Errors
Science Errors


Sociology of Corruption
The Sociology of Corruption



energy Energy Misdefined in Physics
Proof that energy has been misdefined in physics. Most of physics is corrupted by the error.
Global Warming Global Warming Contrived
Proof of fakery at the origins of global warming science.
Science is Broken Science is Broken
Errors described in Big Bang, Relativity, Prions, ATP, Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Electronics Electronic Designs
Audio Amplifiers with Current Amplifier Outputs and Femto Capacitance Meter.
morels Morel Mushroom Research
Author's research and photographs show extreme biology and transitional evolution in the morel mushroom.



   •  False Energy Assumptions for Nuclear Fusion

   •  Why "Hydrogen Bombs" are not Hydrogen Bombs

   •  Why "Fossil Fuels" are not Fossil Fuels

   •  Dark Matter and Space-Time Problem

   •  A Counter-Argument to Relativity

   •  Contradictions in Quantum Mechanics

   •  ATP Theory is Absurd

   •  Evolution Biology

These errors occur because physicists and biophysicists create the appearance of not knowing that chemical energy is in electrons. How could they not know. Some do, and they lie to gullible persons who don't know better. The combination of liars and gullible fools locks in errors everywhere including carbon dioxide, ATP synthesis and fossil fuels.

Today's temperature is  5.77λR2/dθ3T4,
becoming  λR/755·T/γ3θ  by tomorrow.

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Gary Novak
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