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Science Errors

Science Errors

Greenhouse Gases Do Not Exist

How Could All Those Scientists Be Wrong?

Getting Greenhouse Wrong

Energy Misdefined History

Gravity Waves Contrived

Arctic Ice Melting

Yellowstone as an Asteroid Strike

Proof of Global Warming Fakery

Radiative Transfer Equations Are A Theoretical Impossibility

The Global Warming Hoax Explained

The Common Sense Logic of Global Warming

The Underlying Science of Global Warming

A Chatty Description of Global Warming

Hurricane Math

Two Proofs of Global Warming Errors

The CO2 Graph

The Largest Extinction Event

Deterioration of Physics

How Physicists Got Global Warming Wrong and Almost Everything Else They Did Over the Past 172 years

The Corruption of Science

Power Mongering Replaced Real Science

The Force Conflict

Science is About Evidence, not Authority

Social Drift Away From Logic

Accountable Rationality

Corruption Is An Absence Of Objective Reality

Life Is Ordered Existence

Fake Technology

Why Renewable Energy Won't Work

Electric Vehicles Won't Scale Up

Electrical Efficiency Error

Auto Propaganda: The Physics Behind The Fraud

Self-driving Is Absurd

A Wall at 15% Solar and Wind

Self-Driving Is A Fraud

Dakota Pipeline

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