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Corruption Is An Absence Of Objective Reality

A wine glass is defined by its shape. Any change in the shape will destroy it.

Life is ordered complexities. To change the complexities of life destroys them.

Since life is defined and sustained as objective reality, an absence of objective reality destroys life.

Objective reality is all reality that exists outside a person's mind. A representation of objective reality must be constructed as knowledge within minds to create and sustain the complexities of life.

Corruption is anything that does not maintaining the complexities in objective reality that define life.

Not producing corruption is very demanding, because the complexities of life are difficult to sustain. Yet corrupters pretend that any old bit of fakery and fraud is an improvement over the demands of life.

Corrupters will not properly represent objective reality for the simple reason that it is their incompetence that causes them to short-cut the demands of life to get more out of life than they are worth.

Since corrupters are incapable of producing objective reality in a competent manner, they use subjectivity as a substitute. Society fails to recognize that the absence of objective reality in the subjectivity of corrupters is a guaranty of being destructive. This includes the absence of explanations that goes with the claims corrupters make. It is the absence of essential requirements that creates corruption.


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