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Deterioration of Physics

Physics errors began in 1686 with an incorrect definition of kinetic energy. Simple rocket math applied to the question shows that energy is transformed in proportion to momentum, not mass times velocity squared. Momentum is the real kinetic energy.

Joule's measurement cannot determine the definition of kinetic energy, because more than one point of measurement is required and the ratio of elastic to inelastic force cannot be determined while stirring water.

One of the consequences is that there is no significant energy in hydrogen fusion when the definition of energy is corrected. Laser tests failed to find energy in fusion, and colliders keep getting larger in the attempt to produce such energy without success.

Such errors overwhelmed physics to such an extent that physicists reverted to stop-gap measures of evaluating each problem separately without unifying the concepts. This process expedites engineering, but it is not science. Physics has become little more than super engineering for this reason.

Attempts to use such analysis as science lowered the standards of physics to such an extent that contrivance became the norm. The example which has become a social dispute is greenhouse gases creating global warming.

There is no such thing as greenhouse gases, because there is no such thing as trapping heat in the atmosphere. Absorbed radiation is re-emitted in femto seconds.

Each CO2 molecule in the air would have to be 2,500°C to heat the air 1°C—an impossibility—because there are 2,500 air molecules around each CO2 molecule. There cannot be greenhouse gases creating global warming for this reason.

The use of radiative transfer equations supposedly shows an imbalance of 3.7 watts per square meter in outgoing and incoming global energy. A lack of equilibrium is not possible. Equilibrium either always exists or never exists; it can't be different for human activity. Why would 280 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere be balanced, when there was 5 times as much during dinosaur years and 20 times as much when modern photosynthesis began? All life is on the verge of becoming extinct due to a shortage of CO2 needed for photosynthesis due to oceans continually absorbing CO2 and converting it into calcium carbonate and limestone.

A recent example of contrivance is the claimed measurement of gravity waves. One tenth of an atto meter in a 4 kilometer path was supposedly measured. Science cannot measure at that level. It's 10,000 times smaller than a proton. A temperature change of about 18 trillionths of a degree centigrade in a reflecting mirror would wipe out the measurement. As much change in the 4 km path length would also destroy the measurement.

The claim is that position and motion are controlled mechanically down to 0.1 pico meters. All such mechanical devices require free space of at least one micron minimum between moving parts for each one degree centigrade of temperature change to prevent freeze up with thermal expansion. That's 10 million times more undefined free space than the claimed control over mechanical motion. And 0.1 pico meters does not define the position down to 0.1 atto meters. The pendulum effect does not define position; it only removes noise motion which averages zero position change.

Absurdities of this sort are endless in the claims showing that the measurement was total fakery for the purpose of using science as a religion of worship instead of a source of knowledge.

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