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Energy Misdefined History

About 170 years ago, physicists derived an erroneous equation for defining kinetic energy. About 90% of physics is corrupted by the error.

I show simple and unquestionable mathematical proof of the error on my web site. Physicists will hear none of it, because they don't want to admit that they have been wrong.

The proof wasn't possible until modern times. Now, rocket equations can be applied to the question showing the error. The rocket equations were developed during WWII by the Germans and then brought to the US afterwards.

I stumbled onto the error reading a science magazine. So I sent a letter to several physics laboratories saying the evidence is in rocket dynamics. The Jet Propulsion laboratory sent me the rocket equations saying they obviously balance, and therefore, there is no problem.

It isn't relevant whether the rocket equations balance. But having the equations I could use a rocket to replace gravity in the original analysis which physicists used to derive the erroneous equation. The result proves the error.

This is not a trivial or obscure error. The two alternatives for defining kinetic energy were mass time velocity or mass time velocity squared. Physicists chose to square velocity, which was not valid, since nothing can move at velocity squared. Physicists say they can square anything they want. The problem is, squaring velocity cannot represent anything real, as kinetic energy is supposed to represent real energy.

It means kinetic energy is the same thing as momentum, which is mass time velocity nonsquared. Using a different equation for kinetic energy misrepresents kinetic energy.

The supposed proof for physicists was a measurement by James Joule in 1845 by stirring water in a wooden bucket. Who cares how ridiculous it seems, since physicists can repeat the experiment in modern times and get the same result. Except, they can't.

Physicists have a bad habit of faking their results claiming ever increasing precision. No one can prove what they actually do in a laboratory. But five hundred years of scientific knowledge can prove that they lie.

Besides getting the wrong result, which supposedly proved the wrong definition for kinetic energy, it is not possible to get a result using the method and logic of James Joule, because physicists cannot determine the difference between elastic force and inelastic force while stirring water, or anyplace else. Inelastic force is what creates heat while stirring water. Elastic force acts upon mass without producing heat. The ratio of the two varies as conditions vary, and no one knows what that ratio is under operating conditions.

So after lying about measurements for some time, physicists changed the claim and said they now measure the result by compressing a gas. The problem is, compressing a gas produces almost all elastic force and almost no inelastic force. The purpose was to determine how much heat results from inelastic force.

In other words, physicists increased the problem by claiming to compress a gas for the measurement. Notice the total stupidity in going from bad to worse. It shows how dumb physicists are. Why does society worship such idiots as infallible gods assuming they are above criticism?

Eventually, physicists seem to have figured out that compressing a gas will not produce the result that is needed, and they stopped making that claim. So how do they do the measurement now days? There is no evidence in physics libraries of how the measurement is being made now days. Recently, physicists claimed to add another significant digit to the accuracy going from 4.186 Joules per calorie to 4.1868. But they will no longer say how they do the measurement.

Physicists recently changed the name of the measurement from Joule's constant to "the mechanical equivalent of heat." They now pretend that they don't know what you are talking about when you say Joule's constant. This line of rationalizing, along with the only method of measurement described for students in the laboratory, indicates that they do not directly measure the result but instead relate to heat. This means, they simply heat some water with electricity to see how much heat is produced and arbitrarily connect it to kinetic energy. The procedure is extremely easy to do, but it has no relationship to the objective reality of energy.

The problem with relating to electrical energy is that determining what force does is even more difficult when creating electrical energy. So physicists have no method of measuring the effects of force, and both electrical energy and kinetic energy float at some level which is guessed at and has no measured relationship to objective laws of nature. And therefore, no measurement can tell them what the correct definition of kinetic energy is.

The net result is that only a mathematical analysis can determine the correct definition of kinetic energy, as I show using rockets to substitute for gravity in the original test used for proving what kinetic energy is. The result not only shows that kinetic energy is not what physicists claim it is but that physicists are incompetents.

Physics is not self-correcting. Physicists are creating a social problem and external accountability is needed to correct it.


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